The Friendship of Three- chapter one

Fiction By Kassady // 4/6/2011


This story is based on my Two best friends and me in ten years! My inspriation was us, and my best friend HomeschoolGirl started her own (The Three), then I built mine a little after hers, trying the best I could to make it different! But hers is amazing! Much better I must say. Hopefully my other friend Liddyanne, will write her own version! Then we'll have three different versions!

I hope you enjoy!

But bewarned! This is the most romantic story I've ever written, and you might not agree with all the kissing! LOL!





The Friendship of Three

Chapter one.


Nicole sat watching cars go by from a coffee shop window.

She had just finished a chapter of her new book, and had decided to stop and wait for her boyfriend to come. Yes she didn't really like it when girls younger then sixteen or older got into a relationship. But after all she was older then Sixteen, she had just turned twenty three! And it was very surprising for her, that she hadn't finished college yet.

There! A foolish grin spread over her face, as she caught sight of him. He walked across the road, smiling, and striding like he always did.

Nicole liked his stride for some reason, it was so manly and familiar.

He walked through the cafe's door, sending the bells on the top of the door, jingling joyfully.

She quickly looked into a window, with a reflection, and patted her hair down.

He walked over and smiled his perfect smile, "Hello ma'am, I was wondering if you might have an extra pen?" he said in a joking manner.

Nicole laughed, jumping up and hugging him.

He kissed her cheek, his eyes twinkling with happiness.

"Joseph! You made me worried! What took you so long?" Nicole asked, feeling the tention in her stomach vanish, as he sat down.

"Oh you know," he said lazily, "Had to pick up somethin'."

"Aw... I see!" she said in knowing voice, even though she had no idea what he might have been getting.

"So are you going to give me that Pen or not?" He said in a serous voice.

"What?!" Nicole asked in totall confusion.

"I asked you if you had an extra pen, but you never answered. I need one for my assignment! I forgot mine in my truck."

Nicole laughed, figuring it all out, "Here you are!" she said handing him a pencil.

"This is a pencil!" he said in exasperation.

"I know!"

"Nicky! I don't need a pencil, I need a pen!"

"Pencil's are more helpfull! If you do something wrong you can just erase it!"

"You and your abstention with pencils" he said jokingly and reached over to take her pen.

"Hey!" she laughed in a kidding voice.

They both smiled at each other, enjoying each others company.

"I'm going to buy a quick coffee, do you want anything?" Nicole asked getting up.

"Nah'ah! You are not buying anything! I'll buy!" Joseph said taking out his wallet.

"NO! You already payed for my dinner yesterday night and my lunch and my lunch and dinner the day before that! I think I can afford a couple of coffees!" Nicole demanded.

Joseph seemed thwarted by this reply, and put his wallet back in his pocket, "I'll have a coffee as well!" He said with a sigh.

Nicole gave him a glare, "Are you sure that's all?!"

"Yes, just a coffee."

"Okay" She said twiling around, her short brown hair fanning out a little, almost like a skirt. She knew he wanted a blueberry muffin, but didn't want her to pay for it. So she ordered two coffees and two blueberry muffins.

"But!" he stammered.

"If you don't want it I'll eat it!" she said, knowing that this would win him over.

"No Its fine!" he said quickly and grabbed it from the table, "Thanks!" he said through a mouth full of muffin.

She smiled and sipped her coffee in contentment.


Nicole bumped clumsily against her apartment kitchen counter. She rubbed her arm, feeling rather silly.

Joseph walked over to her and kissed her elbow, "All better!" he cried chearfully.

Nicole laughed, "Yep, that definitly made the pain disapear!" she said playfully.

Joseph smiled at her, that turned to a stare.

"What?" Nicole asked, puzzled at the look he was giving her.

"Nothing!" he shook himself at her words, as if he hadn't realized

he was even staring at her at all.

"You okay?" She asked with concern, remembering when she heard about people who blanked out for a little while.

"Yeah, yeah! Just thinking," he said sitting down at her table.

Nicole's roommate, Tawnia, walked in then. A woman with blond hair and green eyes, who was always going out for parties (because Nicole had made sure she didn't have any parties in the apartment). They had become a little more then acquantences but not exactly friends.

"Oh." she said shortly, seeing the both of them, and then went back to her room.

Nicole sighed , then smiled apolitically over at Joseph, "Sorry about her."

He waved his hand, "Don't be! My own roommate is worse, he actually bugs people who come over." He stared at her again.

And she could feel his unwavering gaze on her back as she took out the lasagna. She smelled it, closing her eyes and letting the aroma waft into her nose, and trigger the brain making it say Yummy!


Eleanor smiled happily as she watched her two young girls playing dolls in the living room.

She started scrubbing at a dirty dish. The ketchup had dried and made a red gooey crest that was hard to rub off. In the end she had to use her fingernail.

Her teeth clenched she washed off the red stuff from under her nail.

A scream came from the living room, and she rushed to see what had happened.

But both girls were fine. Apparently her oldest had made the barbie doll fall of a cliff (off the coffee table) screaming.

"Jacqueline! That is not nice!" Eleanor scolded her daughter with a disaproving tone, " You need to be an example for your sister Annalee."

"Sorry mommy," Jacqueline said in a sad voice, her head hanging. But Eleanor, all to well saw the the four year old's little face was glowing with a smile of merriment.

She frowned as she turned away from her child, What movie has my silly husband let her watch! she thought in dispare. Sometimes you'd think that he didn't know he's a father.


Eleanor heard the front door open and close, as a mans voice called out- as tradition- , "HONEY I'M HOME!"

There were laughs from the foreir, and a couple of manly chuckles.

Eleanor walked to the voices. A tall man came in view, with sandy colored hair, and deep blue eyes. He was tossing the two year old Annalee up in the air and catching her, as she squealed with joy and laughed happily.

He put her down gently, looking at Eleanor, in a pretend stunned face , "I have traveled long and wide, and never in my travels have I ever met a maiden as beautiful as you" he said dramaticly. He twirled her into an embrace, where they kissed.

Jacqueline made a gagging sound, and Annalee giggled.

They broke apart, smiling foolishly.

The both of them had been married for several years now, but it never changed her crush on him.

The Happy Family walked into the kitchen together, but after they kissed again, Jacqueline and Annalee ran out of the kitchen giggling.

"How was work today, Richard?" Eleanor asked as she took the baked chicken from the oven.

"Great! I published three stories today!" Richard answered putting dirty Tupperware into the sink from his lunch bag.

"Oh! Good for you!"

"Any chance of me publishing any of yours?" he asked smiling.

"You be patient mister publisher!" she said jokingly, pointing her ladle at him like a sword.

He made a pretend face of shock, and threw up his hands, "Oh no! Not the chicken sauce cover wooden cooking spoon!" He cried sarcasticly.

She laughed, and plunged the ladle into his side.

They both laughed, till they both noticed Annalee, walking in. She had no pants on, and she didn't have her diaper either. She squealed triumphantly, and ran through the house, Richard, Eleanor's beloved husband chasing after her.


"We thank god for this meal set before our person, and we wish it give good nuritioment to our bodies... Amen," Richard finished the prayer.

Eleanor stood up, so that she could dish out food more easily.

"Daddy!" Jacqueline said cheerfully.

"Yes sweetheart?"

"We ate chicken and fries today!"

"Oh really! Were they yummy?" Richard said playing along in the conversation.

"Yep! And they were..." she paused, "the bomb!"

Richard choked as he laughed at his daughters use of words.

Eleanor frowned, "Oh yes! They were the 'bomb', but Jacky" She said her wit coming to her, "Tell daddy about your barbie doll game."

"Oh yah," she paused to dramaticly draw a deep breath, "me and Annalee played with dolls today! And we made them blow up! And then I made Katty-kitty fall off a cliff and die! But mommy didn't like that, and she yelled at me."

Eleanor gaped at how this had been directed at her, "I didn't yell! Jacky, sweety,

I just didn't like what you were doing!"

Richard looked like he was going to burst out laughing, but was thinking better of it in front of his upset wife, "Yes Jacky-Wacky, its not nice to blow people up and make them jump off cliffs. Its not funny or nice!"

Jacqueline nodded seriously, and she seemed to take it more seriously then she did with Eleanor.

Eleanor was shocked, but didn't say anything. Feeling that the conversation had gone the right way and Jacky had learn her lesson.

There was nothing more to say but, "Pass the peas please!"


Katrina walked through the beautiful old Grecian museum. Her heart racing excitedly at each turn as she saw old Greek vases, that had been cracked. She went on and there were paintings. She stood and gasped at each one, looking at their details and colors. She soon found herself in a room that was a complete circle, being a dome. She looked up and to her surprise and giddy delight, the ceiling was covered in a huge painting. Katrina looked nervously around, to make sure no tour guide or any one else was in the room. And no one was. She smiled and lay down on the hard marble floors and starred at the ceiling contentedly.

She was a linguistic Anthropologist. And she was there in greece for an archaeological dig, where she was the translater and disipherer of the greecian ruiens. She loved it! And definitly the part of it being myths. She was absessed with myths and religions, they were just so interesting to her.

At the moment she was naming all the greek gods and goddesses she saw in the painting. She then deciphered the greek around the rim of the painting, in golden letters. So the time past on with her, intertaining herself with figuring out what the riddle was.

"Enjoying yourself, I see," called a womans voice.

Katrina jumped up, startled at the sudden apearence of her boss. She smiled when she saw who it was, "It's all so beautiful!"

"Yes," she breathed, "It is isn't it, nice place to live! Nice people, nice art and artifacts. But what I really love, is how old it is!"

"Oh yes! Such beauty! And SO old!" Katrina agreed. She sighed contentedly.

"Okay miss dreamy, we need you on the sight... like now!" her boss turned and went out.

Katrina sighed again, but this time with exasperation. She followed, promising the building that she would be back.


"Hi mom!" Katrina talked into her phone, as she walked through the airport, trying to find her wing.

"Hey Honey! So your leaving today?" her moms voice came from the other end.

"Yep.... I'm leaving Greece!" It felt like a hard thing to say.

"Did you get to see everything you wanted?"

"Yeah! I had a lot of fun! You know visiting old ruins, and the Parthenon, Oh and there was this... AMAZING and awe-inspiring stadium! it was called... oh! Thearte of Dionysos! It was amaizing! the tour guide said that it could seat Twenty thousand spectaters in sixty four tiers! And that's just for people who sat! Can you imagine how many people there would be without chairs!"

There was a chuckle from the other side of the line, "Good! So are you coming over here?"

"No sorry mom! I have to go reclaim my house before they auction it off!"

"Which house? I forgot where you live now! Was it Russia! Iceland! Germany!" her mother said sarcasticly.

Katrina grimaced at her mothers joke, "Ha-ha Very funny!" she answered sarcasticly back.

"Peter is going to collage in a few months." Her mother said, changing the topic.

"HE IS!" Katrina exlaimed at her younger brother going to collage.

"Yep, will you be at the collage party?"

"Maybe.... I don't know?"

"Katrina! "

"Fine! I'll really try to be there! Really, really Try!"

"Thank you!"

"When is it?"

"Next month, the 10th"

"Hey four days before my birthday.... OH! I see you, sly fox!"

Her mother laughed, "I'm just saying it would be nice for you to come her in New Zealand for some mother daughter time for your birthday."

"Yeah so that you can berate me with questions about- Ah'ha!" She exclaoimed, cutting her sentance off as she saw her flight number.


"Sorry Mom! I probably should go now, my plain is about to leave!" In thirty minutes she thought.

"Okay, text me when you land, please."

"Will do mom! Love you!"

"Love you too."








is so much better! LOL! You got to read it when it comes out!

Write on!

Kassady | Sun, 04/10/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Oh, Kassady!!

That is SO not true!!! I would say yours is better--but, you would disagree so I'll say they're both EQUALLY as good! And I love this story! The Three is posted--but it never showed up on the fiction. It's listed on my page. I'll post Part Two and then have people read Part One. LOL! SO GLAD YOU POSTED THIS!! :)

Madeline | Mon, 04/11/2011


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