Grey Skies~ Fixated (RP13)

A Poem By Kassady // 6/7/2014

Grey Skies
Bright grey sky,
Looking up to see,
I'm not alone,
In this great big world,
It's not only me.
Flying metal machines,
Whiz on by,
Hundreds of people,
Looking out,
At the bright grey sky
And the blur,
That is earth,
Far below.

Bright red soft skin
Metal rubs
Painful yet satisfactory
Skin peels away
Red and irritated
Burning sensation

In The Rain
The rain pours down,
All around,
Dark skies and thunder claps.
It splatters and patters,
Against the concrete,
And the clouds rumble again.
The sky is crying,
While I am smiling,
Because in the dark your lips met mine,
Because the rain brushing my skin,
Is as soothing as your fingertips,
As soft as your lips,
And nearly as thrilling,
As your touch.

Your Hands
I love your hands.
Soft yet strong,
Warm against my skin.
Every line on your palm intrigues me,
Every inch,
From your thumb to your pinkie.
I want to know the back of your hand,
Like it's the only thing I'll ever remember.
Scars and all,
Each freckle is adored individually.
I love your hands,
When they hold me closer,
Tickling the small hairs on my arms,
Brushing slightly against my leg.
I love your hands,
The way your thumb strokes mine,
When you're holding my hand in yours.
I love your hands!
They caress the sides of my face,
Holding my head,
Firmly yet so gently,
So lovingly.
Everywhere your fingertips touch,
Heat radiates and spreads,
Melting and drowning me in delirium.

I laugh at your immaturity,
Your whining makes me grin,
Your comically illogical reasoning.
Listen to my disapproving silence,
As you say things,
That just don't sound right.
I do not approve of your behavior,
But how can I express myself,
Without sounding like a mom?

Focus? Ha!
How can I focus?
My mind is constantly whirling,
Spinning always back to him.
I simply can't focus,
Don't ask me,
Don't make me try,
For I'll fail miserably.
Even if he were ripped away,
Taken from my day to day,
Exiled from my existence,
I'm pretty sure,
No I know,
That my thoughts will remain,
Inconsistently fixated upon him.


Sorry it took me so long to

Sorry it took me so long to get to these-I've been trying to catch up on some commenting! Great job, I especially liked In The Rain (the sky is crying/While I am smiling) and Raw.

E | Wed, 06/11/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


No, no! Don't be sorry! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!

Kassady | Wed, 06/11/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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