Happy~Playing with Fire (16)

A Poem By Kassady // 6/29/2014

Immeasurable joy, 
Laughter spills effortlessly, 
And trickles like the spring rain, 
Down the walls and into the earth. 

It's not even your voice, 
But this giddiness could kill me. 
I can't seem to stop twirling, 
Grinning like an idiot. 
I can't stop myself from smiling, 
Your words triggering butterflies, 
Blushing cheeks,
And a relieved heart, 
I can finally breath. 

Radio Karaoke
Voices join together, 
Off key and high pitched, 
Unconventional karaoke, 
Sporadically triggered by the radio. 

Wish me luck, 
I'll try my best to fall asleep.
Thoughts of you jumble,
Rambunctiously jumping around in my head, 
Causing impatient exhilaration, 
A shot of longing,
A cup of caffeinated excitement. 
Wish me luck, 
Because I can't sit still.
My heart flies in anticipation, 
Every muscle ready to spring, 
Impervious to gravity, 
Oblivious to reality, 
The world around me melts away, 
At the very thought of you. 

Deadly Excitment
Nervous excitement, 
I should totally be over this, 
This new love anxiety of butterflies, 
Fluttering around in my stomach. 
I can't seem to stop smiling, 
This anticipation might at last kill me, 
How ironic, 
Surviving through the week, 
Day after day of hardly breathing, 
Waiting, longing, dying to see you, 
Only to die in your arms, 
How embarrassing that would be.

Maybe it was awkward, 
My arms around your neck, 
My tight grip, 
The way I held on, 
Seconds ticking by, 
While your mom glanced at us,
And kept talking, 
I just didn't care. 

Playing with Fire
The heat that burns in my cheeks, 
Burns in my heart, 
Burns in my brain and in my gut. 
The heat that burns in my arms, 
Those arms wrapped around you, 
Tingles under your touch. 
The heat that burns in my chest,
My chest that I press into yours, 
Burns so intensely. 
The heat that burns between us, 
Holds us in our place,
Ensnarled in the heat of the moment, 
All I want is for you to feel my heat.
I kissed you lovingly,
Teasingly playing with your lips,
Playing with fire, 
Hoping to convey my past longing, 
My current heat,
And my future passion. 
Hoping to convey without saying, 
"This is what you were missing, 
Just try leaving now." 


I liked basis behind

I liked basis behind these-however, I thought they could use a little bit of cleaning up to increase their impact :). Instead of using so many adverbs, try using other words to convey the feeling or just cut them out completely (sometimes they work very well, but other times they run the risk of becoming redundant). I really liked where going with them, however :). Good job, I hope this doesn't seem harsh!!

E | Fri, 07/04/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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