January, Febuary, March: Year Journal of Sonnet's

A Poem By Kassady // 4/30/2013

**Please read Notes first before reading, please, please, please.


Darkness doth glow,
lamps shine dull,
the sun rise slow,
and waters lull.
Black is day,
Light is night,
Death to prey,
with owl's flight.
Bright eyes shine,
in the dark.
There be a feline,
to all mice hark,
the sound of paws,
and the click of claws.



Tearful afternoons,
and nights full of laughter.
Hot air for balloons,
Whimpers much softer.
Self expression deafened,
Though mind set stubborn,
Mental heat lessened
Resolution and speech reborn.
Jokes without meaning,
told hysterically till dark.
House lights gleaming,
Moods not so stark.
Happiness shared,
Aching hearts spared.



A wave of emotion,
and in the commotion,
No refuge to hide.
No one by your side,
On what to do,
Muddled thoughts towards you,
Frustrated and angry heat,
Emotions overloaded, ripped apart.



Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Joy is bread,
Feeding the soul,
Keeping us warm,
Through hardwork and toil,
Hope can transform,
Oh beauty mark,
Those in heart,
To kindness hark,
For love is smart,
Can hurt but still,
Be lifes curing pill.



Loves lips,
Press softly,
and grips,
My heart roughly.
Giddy butterflies,
Flutter around,
They fall and rise,
Without a sound.
Crushes crushing,
Heart wrenching,
Emotions gushing,
Stomach clenching.
Oh of romance,
and it's meaningful glance.



Blessed always,
Raise your hands high,
and raise,
Them to the sky,
Thankful for all,
To be grateful.
The spirit in me shines,
Oh inner light,
Leading us down inclines,
and through the night.
Love guide me,
Help me to see purity.



Oh smile bright,
and white.
I reflect,
On it's straightness,
and beauty,
"Well done" to dentist's duty.
at me proudly,
as you speak loudly,
Of your great dentist,
Who is truly the bestest.



Quiet whispers in the dark,
Moving shadows,
Ghosts embark,
On night time journey with fellows,
of the night.
Hoodlum and demon,
All unite,
Under the moon a gleamin'.
Monsterous laughter,
Chilling songs,
Dancing up on rafter,
Committing unjustable wrongs.
Till day break they howl and sing,
Dispursing once more as church bells ring.



Laughter clear and pure,
Leaking through the door,
Seeping and flowing,
Cheeks and faces glowing,
A chemical smell,
Game of truth and tell,
Girly delights,
Make for giddy nights.

I sing,
To fill the silence,
A beautiful thing,
I have done ever since,
You left me,
Alone to the world,
Not able to see,
As my life unfurled,
A numb cold,
Grips my body,
And so I am told,
My eyes are cloudy,
With hopes and dreams,
Though not real it seems.



Blissful silence,
Joyous music,
Neither a nuisance,
Both magic,
To the ear,
To hear,
What a thing,
Of Majesty,
The gift of sound,
of silent ecstacy,
Silence and music surround,
Me always,
As I give praise.



It is difficult,
Moving on,
But the result,
Is always a great one.
Staying on a path,
Is more simple,
Choosing one is the real math,
A beautiful temple,
Is my mind,
With it's own belief,
And secrets to find.
Oh what a relief,
To live in the here and now,
To grow with time, to plow.



What is more beautiful?
A flower or the rain?
What is more plentaful?
The rich or garden lane?
What is more silly?
A girl or a goose?
What is more frilly?
A gown or a noose?
Of which would you prefer,
In each catagory?
What will it be sir?
Flame or glory?
A question for every thought,
Answers still sought.



The snow has fallen,
Reflecting the street lamp glow,
I feel sullen,
Trying to sleep, for low,
It is too bright,
I can write with no light on,
It should be dark at midnight,
But no it is bright as the sun,
In the afternoon,
Clouded by storm clouds,
Oh I hope it's dark soon,
For though there is no sound,
I cannot get to sleep,
While the light remains to peep.



Challenges of everyday,
Difficult yet fun,
Teaching us in everyway.
Oh bright sun,
High in the sky,
Somewhere under the clouds.
It would be a lie,
To say I can't hear the sounds,
Coming from all directions.
So obnoxious,
Shouts and questions,
There's a smell so noctious.
Oh the challeges of everyday
Just like today.



Of of productivity,
The pride of everyday,
and in peace I find sanity,
from work and play.
The busy bee,
Working away
Doth make the honey.
From good time choices do not stray.
Laziness can kill,
Nothing comes from nothing,
Pray do not be still,
Do something,
for success in any size,
is the greatest prize.


Neat idea!!

I'd have to get the hang of writing sonnets before I tried something like this, though. It seems like this kind of exercise would stir the creative juices.

My favorite lines:
And so I am told,
My eyes are cloudy,
With hopes and dreams,
Though not real it seems.

Monsterous laughter,
Chilling songs,
Dancing up on rafter,
Committing unjustable wrongs.
Till day break they howl and sing,
Dispursing once more as church bells ring.

Other lines, too, of course, but these stood out to me as having just excellent imagery. :)

Sarah | Wed, 05/01/2013

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

Thank you

Yeah, sonnet's do take a few minutes to get used to. The rhyming I'd have to say is the most difficult part though.
Honestly, those are my two favorite lines too! Haha!
Thanks again! You should definitely try! It does help with inspiration, it also is a great way to vent. Most of the anger filled poems were me venting ;) Haha! Thanks for reading!

Kassady | Wed, 05/01/2013

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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