Laughter~Pendulum (Rhymless Poetry 9)

A Poem By Kassady // 5/12/2014

Laughter tumbles,
Trips tipsily off,
Springing like water,
Off my gay lips,
Turned up in a smile.
Head tilted,
Face reaching,
Beaming at the heavens,
In joyous giggles,
Reverberating in my chest,
Gripping at my abdomen.
Muscles tighten,
Breathy gasps for air,
Can't breathe,
Can't stop.
Eyes gleam brightly,
Shining with unshed tears,
Seeing the world in bright,
Beautiful multi-colors.

Lovely Feeling
The word makes my insides squirm,
In that pleased,
Kind of way that can't truly be explained.

Self-induced Coma
Who writes of happiness?
For loneliness is more relatable,
So much more intriguing.
Why do we feel so good?
Reveling in our bitterness,
Our half depressed stupor.
Bathing in silent solitude,
Pretending to be stuck in limbo,
Stuck in your summer sadness.
Winter darkness,
Autumn falling,
Summer sickness,
And spring irritability,
Annoyed at the life,
The life all around you, blooming,
When you're fading.
The shadows comfort you,
You let them caress you,
Giving into the hissing,
Slithering and twisted voice,
Sickening you're sight,
Your smell,
Your memories,
Poisoning you with comfort.
A comfortable self-induced coma,
Asleep and dreaming,
Dreaming of a life,
An adventure right outside your reach,
Right outside your comfort zone.
Thoughts of romance entertain,
Tease you,
You're just teasing yourself,
Kidding yourself,
With the thoughts that you can't,
Can't have him.

Yes I'm
And a just a bit addicted
To you

Time's Torture
I spend my time glancing at the clock,
Seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours.
I long for your call to revive me,
Living for the time spent listening to your voice,
The minutes in between have become a nuisance.

Phone Call
Another sigh,
Signifying my speechlessness,
Not knowing what to say,
Just knowing I don't want to stop.
I could talk forever,
If only I could just hear your voice,
Your laughter,
Your humming,
Even your breathing.
You sigh,
Making my ears perk up,
Straining to hear every second.
Gah! I wish I was there,
Even listening isn't enough,
To fill the void of distance between us.

You don't understand,
And that's okay,
Until you start,
To go on the offensive.
What was friendly,
A brief passing remark,
Has turned into a debate.
A battle of wills,
Neither side winning,
Neither side backing down.
Stubborn opinions,
Sharp innuendos,
Jabs passed over subtly.
The facts pointed out,
Yet still looked over,
Completely opposite ethics.
Despite the fire,
The heat in the argument,
I can't help but smile,
Amused by your methods,
Amused at my ignorance.
Your persistence,
And bullheadedness,
Your ignorant dictation,
And know-it-all confidence,
Makes me laugh,
When it should make me tremble.
You crush your competitors,
So I'm not much fun,
I'm just a brick wall,
Which you play tennis with.
You still play,
Despite my bluntness,
My resistance to new ideas,
My thick way of thinking,
My weak responses,
And all together whininess,
Whining when I don't get my way.
Back and forth,
The game never ends.
Both sides determined,
To make the other fall,
Fall from their high towers,
Blockades of strong opinions,
Forts of moral defense.
Trying to knock down the walls
Surrounding and guarding,
Our stubborn hearts.

Sore Feet
My feet stand bare against the scuffed linoleum,
Pacing back and forth until it becomes a problem,
To walk on sore toes.

Butterfly Kisses
Breath shallows,
Butterflies flutter,
Toes tingle,
Heart pounds,
As your lips kiss my cheek.

A Pendulum
Back and forth,
It has no master,
It has no plan,
Or thought of change.
Through the air,
Undeterred by time,
Or emotions.
Back and forth,
Tirelessly at work.
It has no concern,
No interest,
No love.
Cold and calm,
It swings thoughtlessly,
In the world around it.
Why should anything matter?
But the motion,
Of back and forth.
Why should anything change?
Time flys by,
That will always stay the same.
It will always be,
Back and forth,
Never up or down.
It will always be,
A Pendulum.


I like this bunch! Okay:

I like this bunch! Okay:

Laughter: Trips tipsily off I really love this line. The whole poem itself really built up to the last few lines, and I thought that was great. By the end, you had the whole picture, and I always really enjoyed the very last line.

Lovely Feeling: Again, last line for me was my favorite! This was a sweet little poem.

Self-induced Coma: This was a bit elusive in places, kind of broad, but I liked it. I'm guessing people tend to write about more "down" things because it seems to me that those issues are generally things that most everybody can relate to. Happy moments are person-specific. But you pretty much said that at the beginning of the poem. I love the "summer sadness" line because it made me think of Lana Del Rey. LOL! What inspired this?

Time's Torture: Once again, loved the last line!

Phone Call: Liked this one as well!

Debate: I'm curious to know what this is about! I liked it, although at times it lost some of it's conciseness. Cutting some of the adjectives down might help this a bit. An instance of this is:

Trying to knock down the walls
Surrounding and guarding,
Our stubborn hearts.

Surrounding and guarding are both good, but when they're together, they compete in my opinion. They both technically mean the same thing--they're interchangeable, so I would take one out. You could replace the missing word it with an adverb so you don't interrupt the rhythm--silently guarding, for instance. Or firmly surrounding.

Anyway, hope that helps! :D

Sore Feet: I really like this one! Don't know why, but I do. :)

Butterfly Kisses: I know who this is about. *says in singsong* I mean, I think. haha

Pendulum: I struggled to find the meaning in this since it wasn't very specific, so I had some trouble relating. The whole poem had a kind of pendulum feel to it, which added to the effect. Also, flys should be flies. That's the only mistake I saw in the whole set. :)

Madeline | Mon, 05/12/2014

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way


Thank you so much for your wonderfully long comment!!! Love you!!! These were fun to write, and I personally like them ;) as vain as that sounds! Haha!!!
Hahaha! I'm sorry Self-Induced Coma was a bit more sensitive for you :P it was not directed at you! I was just noticing how everyone writes about sadness in their poetry, even me. I caught myself writing a more dramatic poem, and it inspired me to write self- induced coma ;)
Oh thanks! I'll edit that in Debate.
Pendulum was literally talking about a pendulum... And kind of how life can be like a pendulum :D back and forth, you know *shrugs*
Thanks a bunch for commenting! Love your feedback :D

Kassady | Fri, 05/16/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


I think Laughter was my favourite. I didn't relate as much to this batch, but it was still good :)
I really liked the rhythm in Needy, and the last two in Self-induced Coma:

"With the thoughts that you can't,
Can't have him."

I loved the repeat of ''can't''!

Maddi | Fri, 05/16/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Thanks :)

Thanks Maddi! Yeah... These are bit harder to relate to, sorry :P thanks for reading though!!!

Kassady | Sun, 05/18/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Oh I love the simplicity in

Oh I love the simplicity in Sore Toes...and the clear images it evokes. Very nice!

Raine | Mon, 05/19/2014

Dont be!!

Don't be sorry! Everyone needs to write some sort of in relating poems once in a while. I still enjoyed the read!

Maddi | Wed, 05/21/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


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