Love Letter~Nail Polish (42+43)

A Poem By Kassady // 3/13/2015

love letter
show me
how to write a love letter darling
and I'll write every one to you
show me
your dark skin and
speak to me in your native tongue
I'll try to keep up with your music
darling smile
like the sun has always bronzed your skin
honey share
flirtatious glances and longing stares
let me know I've caught your eye
and then leave
as long as you return
to show me how to write a love letter
your address and maybe
a little kiss on the cheek goodbye

Got a tank of laughter,
That I fill to nourish my soul,
Laughter and merriment;
Like water gurgling and splashing,
Rising in my reservoir,
Overflowing somedays,
Spilling over the sides,
Sinking into the ground,
-my heart-
Face gleaming.
Faucets, the inspiration for laughter,
Line up around the brim,
Her and him,
It and them,
Making laughter spill out.
Faucets on but still,
I feel half full,
Not quite there,
Since your faucet was never turned on.

Muse Musings
Her eyes widened in surprise,
As she had guessed,
Thought maybe,
Interpreted it different,
Believed it was him I wrote of,
And maybe I believed as well,
For a while at least,
Maybe then I found logic.
From now and then,
Maybe I still do,
Write of you illogically,
Then again,
Maybe I'm content,
Writing of my dashing dancing partner,
My laughing muse,
My rosy-cheeked-giggle inspiring cherub,
If maybe I'm convinced,
To risk platonic comfort,
For flirtatious galavanting,
With someone who,
May or may not have other interests,
Other interests.

Blank Page
Much has been said,
A blank page,
Is known to be a writers nightmare,
There is nothing original I can say,
Nothing new,
But at least these words,
Have filled the space,
And in that way,
I am victorious.

Car Ride
I while away the hours,
With you by my side,
Laughing at times,
Writing to fill the time,
As the landscape rushes by,
Still feeling slow,
Still time ticks away.

Miss Dancing
I still danced that night,
Just not with you,
And that's what I miss.
I still laughed that night,
Just not with you,
And that's what I miss;
Next time I guess.

Poem in S
Sitting simply,
So satisfied,
Secluded someways,
Social somewhat.

Traffic Jam
If I see you,
I'm going to scream,
If I don't well,
I always knew it was a long shot,
Oh well.

Nail Polish
Summery days,
And silly ways,
High off our amusement of,
Well everything;
Brains muddled by nail polish fumes,
And dizzy with laughter.


These are great! I especially

These are great! I especially liked everything from Muse Musings and on. Good job!

E | Fri, 03/13/2015

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

The 'S' poem -

- was lovely and so relatable. :)

Sarah Bethany | Thu, 03/19/2015

Thank you two so much for

Thank you two so much for reading and commenting :) I appreciate it emmensley!

Kassady | Sun, 03/22/2015

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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