Love Poems (made around Valentines time)

A Poem By Kassady // 3/1/2013

Oh sweet,
Are thy lips,
Missing a beat,
My heart skips,
The ground far below,
My feet dangling,
As I fly higher than thee sparrow,
My arms tangling,
Around your neck.
Oh sweet love never leave,
Nor reck,
Leaving me to grieve.
Stay with my oh loved one,
Kiss me sweetly,
Do not leave my heart broken,
Oh so neatly,
Does fate work with Love,
But who could argue?
You fit me like a glove,
How could I subdue,
My kisses and hugs?
When I'm' overcome,
With tugs,
At my heart which I succumb,
For I,
Love you,
I'll never say goodbye.

(This one was made for a contest. I had to include my favorite song, marshmallows and a penguin)
My favorite song,
To say the least,
Does not include a nasty beast.
Has nothing to do with a penguin,
Nor is it extremely sanquine,
It does not mention marshmellows,
Or any nasty cheating fellows,
Has nothing to do with falling off cliffs,
Or horrible troubling family riffs.
But it has a sweet and lovely tune,
Which I often croon.
It's a song of wonderful melody,
It's a song of the love between you and me.
A love song to hold us tight,
And to lull us to sleep late at night,
A song that angels sing,
A song that explains everything.
A love song is my favorite of all,
It always makes my skin crawl,
But in a delicious way,
Which never keeps me away.
A song that strengthens our bond,
And makes us even more fond.
A love song to do,
About me and you,
A love song,
Which makes me strong.
A love song,
Which could never be wrong,
A love song,
My favorite kind of song
Loves lips,
Press softly,
and grips,
my heart roughly.
Giddy butterflies,
Flutter around,
They fall and rise,
without a sound.
Crushes crushing,
Hearts wrenching,
Emotions gushing,
Stomach clenching.
Oh of romance,
and it's meaningful glance.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Joy is bread,
Love is true.
Feeding the soul,
Keeping us warm.
Through hardwork and toil,
Hope can transform.
Oh beauty mark,
Those in heart,
To kindness hark,
For love is smart,
Can hurt but still,
be life's curing pill.
and finally
With shining eyes,
Of large size,
And lips moving,
Always proving,
That she's better than you,
That her words are true,
and that you are nothing,
Leaving you seething,
With ideas of wringing her throat,
To make those words choke,
Just for a moment,
So you may comment,
On how ridiculous she is,
That really his,
Worth doesn't matter to you.
That though she may argue,
You really don't care,
What she has to share,
Unless it's a kiss or a compliment,
Which you will receive with great sentiment.
Oh the dreams you've been dreaming,
Of her beaming,
At your brilliant ideas and plans,
Unlike any other man's,
Oh the ideas that you've thought,
Of having her caught,
Between your thumb and finger,
And oh how those thoughts linger,
As she explains her passion,
For a dashing man named Sebastion,
Who you quickly detest,
But she leaves no room for protest.
Adoring him so,
You're left to follow,
With no sheep to roundup.
Oh a lamb be she,
Trustfully following he,
Who you despise.
A wolf in disguise,
He gobbles her heart,
Making it his to impart,
Sickly sweet words to in the night,
Which she gives into without a fight.
Oh you poor devil,
Unloved, unable,
To get your point across,
To explain your loss,
To her who has broken,
Your heart left unspoken.
Now you must listen,
By the wolf bitten,
To suffer the devoted words,
Of your loves records,
Of what he said, what he did,
What he does bid.
How lonely are you,
You who did not do,
What your heart said to say,
Now you are left to pray,
For her to see you as the truer.
Oh man stop being the viewer,
Say what you mean,
Mean what you say to be seen,
Earn her respect and her love,
For she truly fits you like a glove.


   Though generally I don't

   Though generally I don't read romantic poems, I found that you strung these together quite successfully. I especially liked the fourth poem, though it was the smallest. It had quite a lot of truth packed into it. Good poems!

Arthur | Sat, 03/02/2013

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."

Thank You

Thank you Arthur. It's funny that you say that, because I have another guy friend who pretty much said the same thing "Usually don't like love poems"... except I think he said it to the 5th poem :P
Thanks for reading (and commenting) I really appreciate feedback.

Kassady | Sat, 03/02/2013

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


Haha, when I saw that Arthur had commented, I was like, whoa! A guy commented! Anyways...

Funnily enough, number 4 was my favourite one as well. And 5 as well. Nice poetry writing there, Kassady!

Maddi | Sun, 03/03/2013

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Good job, Kass! :)))) P.S.

Good job, Kass! :))))

P.S. Nice picture! ;)))))

Madeline | Mon, 03/04/2013

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way


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