Mindless Banter~Lotion (19)

A Poem By Kassady // 7/21/2014

Mindless Banter
Crazy words full of insanity, 
Meaningless conversation,
Carrying no weight but to tease, 
To play with ones vocabulary, 
And to experiment, 
With every synonym of the word, 
Getting us nowhere, 
Talking about silly things,
I tire quickly of brainless chit chat, 
Sighing and trailing off into silence,
Which then leads to noises. 
Immature boy, 
Your lips form sounds that I cannot, 
Popping and fizzing, 
Like the coke bottles you drink, 
With every new noise, 
(Random shouts being one of them)
I jump in surprise, 
Shocked at your ability, 
To act like an eight year old.
Despite this and my obvious distance, 
My revulsion towards twaddle talk,
And annoyance at your childishness, I enjoy arguing, 
Playfully nagging at you, 
Constantly bickering, 
Laughing at the stupidness of it all, 
And I love your smile, 
I could repeat "no" a thousand times, 
If only to see you smile, 
Again and again and again. 

Can you not see past the end of your nose? 
So self absorbed to notice,
How unhappy you've made everybody.
All around you people shrink back, 
As you hold them on a leash, 
Though they've entangled themselves, 
In your world of drama, 
Falling for your supposed "depression", 
You *****! 
I just want to slap you, 
Smack you into realization, 
That the world doesn't revolve around you. 
You act like you're in love,
Yet you tote his heart around, 
Showing it off like a prize, 
While he hangs suspended, 
In constant fear of abandonment. 
Maybe there is something more, 
Unseen by the outside, 
Hidden within the shell of your relationship, 
No one else can see it,
And so the prospect of adornment, 
Leaves outside eyes baffled. 
You selfish girl, 
Controlling everything and everyone around you, 
Throwing a fit to get your way. 
Like a loyal servant he bows and bends, 
Like a wreath bending in the wind, 
To your every wish and demand. 
Pretty pink princess, 
Your supposedly innocent face disgusts me. 
You throw around threats, 
Like nobody else, 
And I can't believe everyone's falling for it. 
Blackmail and black hair, 
I could tear you to shreds,
For tearing his once bright heart apart. 

Shake it off, 
A twitch of the head,
Trying to dispel thoughts, 
Of being with you. 
Rekindled sensations, 
I push away, 
And turn from the thrill, 
Of remembering such moments, 
Spent with you. 

So muddled
Brain turns to mush 
Under the intoxication
Of your touch 
Only parts of my cranium work
Voices saying
"You should stop" 
But goodness I don't want to
I should pull away 
But I can't 
I don't want to 
I can't always get what I want
But right now
All I want is to stay like this 
Just a moment longer 

You sit there, 
Fingers resting from the piano keys, 
Gentle hands laying in your lap.
My fingers lie, 
Rested on your shoulders, 
Fingering the sides of your face.
"That was good" I say, 
Wanting only to reach forward, 
And I do. 
I stroke your cheek, 
Leaning over like a tree,
Which bends over a brook, 
The branches kissing the cool surface.
You move fluidly, 
Like water running over rocks, 
As you swing your legs around the bench, 
Standing, you grab hold, 
Hands sliding smoothly, 
Around my blue cotton tank top, 
Gently pressing, 
Into the small of my back. 
I sway, 
Enthralled and intoxicated,
My hands gripping on to you. 
Sweet sensations all over, 
Standing there, 
Bending at the thought of a daydream. 
"Do you want to try that kiss?" 
It comes out like a whisper, 
My lips barely shaping the words, 
As images of an original fill my mind. 
Similarly situated,
I twist and lean back, 
Upper body strength tested, 
In the sweetest way,
You hold me, 
And I hold it for as long as I can bare. 
Back aching from position, 
I straighten and laugh in between, 
"Definitely harder for the girl," 
You merely breathe a chuckle, 
Distracted with me, 
My lips monopolizing, 
Every part of you.
What is it? 
That feeling that sends me, 
Rising to toes, 
In an effort to be closer. 
Pushing and pulling, 
A constant tug of war, 
With balance, 
Though never a sweeter battle fought. 
Faster and faster, 
One side preferred over the other. 
Your hands stroke softly, 
The skin on my back, 
Triggering what must be the link, 
The link to delirium. 
You softly step forward, 
One foot after another, 
Stepping back further and further, 
Neither one releasing, 
Nor wanting to break the connection. 
I can't help but feel giddy, 
Fantasies turned to reality, 
You practically whisk me off my feet, 
Stepping back until, 
Gently I sit down. 
I don't open my eyes for a second, 
As you sit and pull me with you, 
Feeling both exhilaration, 
And an inner voice that says, 
"Be careful,"
As I rest upon you. 
Hands ever moving, 
I'm addicted to the thrill, 
The sensations of delirium, 
Every touch in every second, 
Making me fall yet fly, 
Suspended in space without thought, 
Or the ability to stop falling or flying. 
I shift, 
The sirens in my head, 
Trying to clear the fog in my brain. 
Locking an elbow against the couch, 
The cushions resisting my weight. 
I try to rise only to fall back, 
D*** it! 
There is nothing I can do, 
But to keep on loving on you, 
Until finally, 
Strength of immense will, 
Tears my lips from yours. 
I grin like an idiot, 
You've seen that look before, 
"We shouldn't make-out for half an hour."
Deliriously addicted to this intoxication, 
This stupid smile won't come off, 
Even hours after, 
As I remember you saying:
"We probably shouldn't... 
But we could."

Soft and Beautiful
I can still feel your hands, 
Your lips on mine, 
As you smile and wave goodnight. 
I lie, 
Eyes open, 
Feeling the haunts of past touches, 
Skin against skin, 
Blue eyes full as they take in my face, 
"You're so beautiful," 
I smile for I know it to be so, 
Though your admiration, 
And your attraction, 
Makes me feel ten times more, 
Like a skyscraper, 
My vanity touches the sky. 
Your words echo in my ears, 
"Your skin is so soft," 
And you touch me like you mean it.
Fingers brushing against pale skin, 
Which barely sees the light of day. 
My stomach muscles tense, 
I giggle as you stroke tender places,
You apologize, 
Please don't apologize, 
I don't want you to stop, 
Because despite the tickle I love the thrill, 
Of the contact of our skin.
I hug you tight, 
Not wanting to let go, 
Not really wanting to say goodnight. 
How am I ever going to move on,
When I can't even move out of your arms? 
And how am I to say goodbye, 
When saying stop is hard enough? 

Cover up, 
And hope against hope, 
I won't get another speech, 
A spiel about propriety, 
Self-respect versus desire. 
I don't care anymore, 
If he's good or bad, 
I just want to kiss him, 
It's as shallow as that. 


I'm freaking out about that

I'm freaking out about that last one because it is so, so perfect. AGH. I know I've said this before but seriously this is truer than ever that YOU HAVE NEVER WRITTEN ANYTHING BETTER BEFORE EVER. Oh my GOSH it is so simply amazing. I don't even have the words. I'm like, grinning and stuff and I want to jump up and down because it was just SIMPLY AMAZING. That poem IS liberation, and I love it, and I really want to write it on my wall because I like it that much. I just think it stands for so much more than what appears on the surface--that, ultimately, we (we, as in "people") have to make our own decisions, that we know what's best for us and, sometimes, we want shallow things. And that's okay. It's so awesome!

You're probably like..."Gosh, why is she so excited by that?" but I just am. It's just a combination of everything and then the little rhyme at the end, though not an outright one, just tied it up in this neat little bow and it was flawless.

K, onto the others:

Mindless Banter - I like this. I can't really relate, but I appreciate that you were willing to share a personal poem, and it really allows the reader to visualize your thoughts. So good job!

Ally - Okay, I love this one. I love how spirited and powerful it is.

Dispel - Love the word choice of dispel in this one. Short, wonderfully sweet and to the point!

Intoxication - Love this!!! The simplicity of it is perfect and really drives the point home!

Skin - Everything I said to you already! :)

Soft and Beautiful - I love this as well! I really do, Kass! Oh, and the last lines are so resonant: And how am I to say goodbye/When saying stop is hard enough? That is just one of those flawless endings every writer strives for, and you achieved it.

And then lotion. MY FAVORITE!

Madeline | Mon, 07/21/2014

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

These are AWESOME. My

These are AWESOME. My favorite batch from you yet! I can't even pick a favorite! One thing-I actually think that Ally would be stronger if you removed the bleeped out bit. I think what you're saying would resonate more. GREAT JOB.

E | Tue, 07/22/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Omg!!!! Thank you so much,

Omg!!!! Thank you so much, both of you, seriously!!!!! I'm... I'm beaming! In so happy! Thank you so much for reading and for the best comments in the world!!! Thank you, thank you!!! These felt like a good release this past week, and I'm glad that my crazy thoughts came out to create art :) thank you so much for your support, loyal readership, and comments! You're both so awesome!!!

Kassady | Thu, 07/24/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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