More meterless semi-rhymless poetry :P

A Poem By Kassady // 3/18/2014

I've been played haven't I?
A piece used in your game,
Your game of hide and seek.
Round and round the mulberry bush,
I chased the weasel,
Around the board,
Up and down,
Shoots and ladders.
I've been played,
Lied to,
Pushed and pulled.
My heart has been used like a toy,
Just another piece in your game,
Your game of chess.
From point A to point C,
I followed you around the board,
Falling into your trap.
Pawn takes bishop,
Knight takes pawn.
You cut my heart out,
Though I offered it freely.
I've been played haven't I?
A piece not a player,
You used me in your game of play,
The game is over,
Check Mate.


You whispered in my ear,
Things I'd never imagine to hear,
And my only fear now,
Is that you'll convince me.
Waking to reality,
I realize it's just a technicality,
And the practicality of it,
Is nonexistent I am sure.
Still I was considering,
The words you were whispering,
And my mind starts wandering again,
At the thought of it.
Lines blur when sleeping,
Some god must be weeping,
Because my fleeting dreams,
Leave me longing for love.
My subconscious keeps cracking,
Inspiration left lacking,
And you're quickly backing away,
When I show friendly affection.
In real time we laugh,
As I only tell you half,
Because I'm not that daft yet,
To ruin my only success.


What do you do when you're all alone?
Staying up all night playing on your phone,
Pretending to be happy.


You're a waste of paper
And certainly a waste of time
My clock keeps ticking
The seconds flying in harmony
To the beat of my pounding heart.


I'll be happy for you,
When you're not happy.
I'll smile for you,
If you promise to smile too.
I'll cry for you,
When you're crying.
I'll laugh for you,
As long as it's real.
I'll carry on for you,
When you just can't.
I'll lie for you,
Even when it hurts inside.
I'll sing for you,
If it'll make you happy.
I'll pretend I'm okay for you,
But it never works anyways.
I'll answer for you,
If the questions become too much.
I'll be there for you,
Because you're there for me.


I've never been mean to anyone,
But bad grammar makes me b****.
You better correct yourself,
Or I will for you,
And you won't like it when I do.


Your face makes me feel cliche,
Beauty turned bad boy,
Yeah, heard it all before.
It's just another bitter line,
Just another melancholy poem,
Expressing my maidenly distress.
Your face is like my kryptonite,
But that would be saying I feel super,
Stupid somber sappy sonnets,
Full of love and lust.
Love and lust I'd never rewrite,
Even If I could turn back time.
Yeah, just another cliche,
But what can I say,
When everything I've felt for you,
Has already been felt by the world.
Cliche, I know,
But what can I say,
When everything has been said before?
So cliche!


Good news,
I know what I want now.
Bad news,
You've ruined it for all the other boys.


Roosters wouldn't be so

Roosters wouldn't be so long as they're not the killer kind named Nic-Nac. (#throwback...oh yeah. I just did that)

This was a goooood set! I loved. that. last. poem! Just the way it's worded was: AHHHH!! You've ruined it for all the other boys And I loved cliche too! Was that inspired by my use of that in a comment? :P haha! I love: When everything I've felt for you/has already been felt by the world and I LOVE the short and sweet "Pretending to be happy" poem. Re-read that one. Wonderfully composed! This is, again, some of your best! I just love the lines that are like gems, that just jump out and grab you. Lovely work, Kass!

Madeline | Tue, 03/18/2014

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Thank you!!!

Haha!!! Totally throwback!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Bestest friend ever for reading these and commenting!!! I was actually tempted to leave that last one out, because I wasn't sure if it would be considered a poem.
Yes, *sighs guiltily* Cliche was inspired by your comment :P haha! I was half way through another "your beautiful face" poem and realized it was pretty much the same as the last one so I changed it around to make it a little less cliche ;)
Thank you! *blushes proudly* these are really fun! I think I'm going to continue making them!!! Thank you for reading and supporting my poetry!!! XOXO!!! I love your comments they make my beam with happiness!!! Thank you a million times!!!
Love ya DCS and SSS!

Kassady | Fri, 03/21/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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