one or two poems for you, that don't have names

A Poem By Kassady // 7/31/2010


Words of excitment,

fill the emty silence.


An artist color,

a anxios hour.


A masion of a word,

sung like a bird.


Greetings on paper,

"Darling, Neighbor".


With hearts of stone,

how can we love the unknown.


Without friendship so true,

I wouldn't have met you!



Bluer than blue,
Paper so new.
Odder than odd
where big things trod.
More hopeful you get on every page,
till you get to the wonderful end stage.
The Imagination is electric,
Bringing peace when sick.
Evil and Friendly
Comfortable and deadly.
You get these in a book,
from the shelf you took.
For with a book you can go everywhere,
So... Sit and read with me! If you care....


Alright there you go, I might add more so just look out! thanks for reading if you do.


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