Rhymless collage of poems

A Poem By Kassady // 3/14/2014

My palace my peace,
My silent solitude,
Disturbed with four swift words.
My teeth on edge,
I continue on,
With a sharp word and reprimand.
I close my eyes,
And sigh softly,
My palace quiet my peace restored.
If one plus one equals two,
And you're thinking only of me and you,
Then let's add subtraction.

It should be wrong,
To be so smugly giddy.
A scorpions deadly sting,
Mixed with a sultry passion.
Attraction and beauty,
Death and lust,
My light thoughts darken,
Staring at you,
Somehow it feels wrong,
Because you're chasing,
And I only think of him,
At the sight of your leather jacket.
Socks and stalking,
Stares held a second too long,
I feel an instinct to smile,
To tease and pretend that you don't exist,
And I do.
I see you through my disguise,
So easy to pretend otherwise,
So easy to bat my eyes and smile warmly.
A death trap,
In the palm of my hand,
All I have to do is reach out and grab you.
Am I really alluring,
Or am I just vain?
Self absorbed in my image,
Within and without,
Painting myself a dark red and light pink,
Lathering my face with bright colors,
To hide the burns beneath.

A month,
The mile marker of my heart,
An obsession I can't explain.
A blasted month,
Whispers carry on the wind.
I look for you in the crowd,
But you're not there.
You've never been there,
So why am I so disappointed?

Laughter and shots,
Black lights and lasers.
We run about,
With no shame.
Young adults,
Acting our age.
Smiles glowing,
I say you look funny,
And you say I look like a skeleton.
Sleep has become my best friend,
A friendship fueled by my constant need for company.
My dreams flash like warning lights,
Behind my lidded eyes.
Stop, stop, stop,
Turn back,
Over the edge head first I fall.
Sharks swarm in the wisps of emotions,
Swirling above my unconscious body.
That beautiful face,
That beautiful face that never leaves me.
As soon as I open my eyes,
Waking from my deadly sleep,
You appear, blinding, just to haunt me again.
I've never been one for violence,
But that beautiful face,
That beautiful face tempts me.
How often I turn my eyes away,
But the image of your face scars.
A scar in the shape of your face,
Every time I close my eyes,
Every time I open them.
Oh that beautiful face,
That beautiful face will never leave me.

My life style isn't glorious
But I live a glorious life
Every morning I wake
Every night I sleep
I breathe
I blink
I live
A glorious life

Helplessly floundering,
Nowhere to turn,
Seemingly in control,
But drowning all the same.
Words tumble nervously,
I try not to wince.
Your improvement needs improving,
Your tactics need updating.
I hate the thought,
Of a suffering heart,
And though I am a healer,
I cannot and will not heal you.
Struggling to find excuses,
Afraid of saying no,
I shruggle with your innocence,
Clearly wounding your soul.
I wish you could see,
My obvious discomfort,
Trying to smile passively.
I wish you knew how much,
I really hate to see,
How you chase me,
With those big hopeful brown eyes.


I honestly think these may be

I honestly think these may be your best poems ever. All of them. They were so well-written and beautifully crafted.

I really love the first one--the way it flows and the small story within. It's super relatable too. I love how it's not an in-your-face with its message poem. It's written vaguely without giving too much information. I really just love this one, Kass.

I LOVE THE NEXT ONE. I can't even tell you how much. It's so perfect. That actually may be one of my favorite (if not my favorite) poem of yours EVER. It love how playful it is--it's melodic, and I love the bluntness at the end. I'm trying to think of adjectives! ahhh! It's just so good!

Reading the following one over, I think I know who it's about. And it's really gorgeously written. It glides along effortlessly without any awkward parts or interruption. It's really kind of written like music. The way you communicated your feelings was spot-on, and the end--okay, now I'm raving. Are you rolling your eyes? I seriously love all of these! (oh--one note! Did you mean "imagining" instead of "imagine"?)

I love the next one too. It's a mix of frustrated, angry, sad and coming-to-terms, all in the span of a few short lines. Really well done.

The next one--the end kind of drew me up in surprise. I thought it was just going to be this playful poem, but the end--even if you meant it playfully, the word skeleton is always associated with morbid things in people's consciousness I think, and I like the turn it took. It went a different path than I thought it would, and that was excellent.

A friendship fueled by my constant need for company. This is one of my favorite lines from this set. Wonderful.

This one, if I had to pick a least favorite, was perhaps that for me. I don't know--it was good, yes, definitely. But it didn't have quite the rhythm of the others, and it had a lot of cliches, which I think is fine in moderation, but this one brought them out quite often. I hope I don't sound as if I'm being harsh! Seriously, I'm, like, doting over these poems, they're so excellent! This is the only one that I'm on the fence about.

I saw this one already! I loved it! It's very simple, very effective, straightforward, and just plain nice to read. It's happy.

Again, feel like I have the insight on that last one, too. Your improvement needs improving Love that! I love little gems like that in poems, and you've had a lot of those in this set. Oh, and also the last one is really vivid--I feel like I can just picture a scene where all this is occurring. It's like reading a story. A lot of these were like reading stories, and I loved that!

Kass, LOVE THESE! I can't even tell you! Excellent job! Love ya DCS!

Madeline | Sat, 03/15/2014

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

I really like these! I loved

I really like these! I loved that one that you had posted on FB. It's so lovely and peaceful. LOVE the first one.
"I look for you in the crowd,
But you're not there.
You've never been there,
So why am I so disappointed?" Very truthful.

"I say you look funny,
And you say I look like a skeleton." I don't know why I like that. I just do. Lol.

"A friendship fueled by my constant need for company." I actually adored that whole poem, but that line was my favorite out of EVERYTHING.

Great job!!! I liked these the best out of any of your poetry.

E | Sat, 03/15/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Wow! Thanks!!!

Bet comments ever! I'm glowing!!!!!! Thank you Homey and Erin SOOOOO much!!!!!!
These are so much fun, these meterless poems! They are really freeing, I see why both of you write this kind of poetry often!!! I might get into the habit of it as well! It's such a release!!!!
Thank you for your wonderful comments!!!!!!
Homey-- it was suppose to be "image" not imagine! Sorry! I'll fix that!!!
Erin-- thank you so much!!! Isn't that skeleton line weird? I was playing in a room wih black lights and my sister said I looked like a skeleton and kind of ruined the mood for a minute :P
Both: wow!!! Thanks for both liking that "constant company" line!
Thanks for reading AND commenting! I need to comment on the posts I've recently read of yours!!! Wait... Have I already? I need to check :P
Thanks again!!!

Kassady | Sun, 03/16/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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