Rhymless Poetry 3

A Poem By Kassady // 4/4/2014

The ghost of you hovers
Ever present
And even when the wind
Sweeps you away
You come back again
Haunting me
Giving into the normality of your generation,
A guilty pleasure that won't stop taunting you,
Can't give into the crazy reality of your generation,
A guilty pleasure that keeps you glued,
Click again and your giving into your generation,
A guilty pleasure which makes you feel just like them,
Keep giving into your brain-washed generation,
A guilty pleasure that you refuse to condemn,
Growing closer but still detesting your generation,
You can't stop fighting this guilty pleasure,
Giving into your thoughtless generation forever.
I'm smarter than I seem,
Outwardly looking clueless.
My wheels keep turning,
Despite your exasperated look,
I'm not dumb,
I just don't understand.
It's as if you're talking a foreign language,
My blank stare says nothing,
It is not a reflection of my thoughts.
As you keep talking,
My brain keeps working,
And I try my best to translate.
I'm not stupid,
Just a bit slow,
But that doesn't mean I'm not smart.
Sheltered, maybe?
I'm smarter than you realize,
Don't put me in a box,
Don't peg me as an airhead,
Because ultimately I'll mentally crush you.
Is it true,
Are some words meant to be caged?
Should I have caged mine,
When approaching you?
It's not that I love you less,
It's not that I love you more,
I just hope you know,
I'm trying my best,
To make sure,
You feel special.
Your tired eyes tell,
Tell more than you wish to share,
The slump of your shoulders,
The defeat in exhaustion.
Glittering eyes,
Soaking her in like the sun,
Love has made you vulnerable,
Your heart beats for her.
Exhaustion tugs on your sleeves,
Weighs you down.
You smile and play,
But inside every cell aches for darkness.
But what can you do,
When your heart defies your body?
And what can you do,
When sleep steps aside,
To second priority?
First priority: her.
You ruin every good thought,
Every good memory,
Made without you.
Thoughts of you circulate,
Around and around again,
Will you ever leave?
Or will I always have to live,
With and without you.
My pale white skin lies stark against yours,
Dark Chocolate.
Your pink lips pop and pronounce,
An eclectic version of English,
Mmm, dark chocolate.
I redden in the harsh heat,
But you remain the same,
Ooh, Dark chocolate.
Your long strong fingers entwine with mine,
Was I always this pale?
Hmph, dark chocolate.
Your large sparkling eyes tease me,
Giddy butterflies and a beating heart,
La la love, dark chocolate.
Can't tell what's making my hands sweat,
The heat in the air or the excitement of being near you,
Oh my, dark chocolate!
Is it possible to make me nervous,
And then make me feel at ease?
Ha! Dark chocolate.
Our skin could not be any more misleading,
My dark emotions and your bright attitude,
My dark chocolate.
Tears burst , though I try to hide,
My frustration, disappointment and pride,
Behind my stubborn perfectionism.

Up, down,
Here and there,
All around,
And I'm getting dizzy,
Trying to chase,
The tail of conversations.



Cool! I like the idea of a weekly post :)

In the third one: "My wheels keep turning," Reminds me of Coldplay's Kingdome Come.

Loved the dark chocolate one. Good imagery.

"Behind my stubborn perfectionism." Great line.

And the last one?? Love it. My life, so busy, haha.

Looking forward to more!!

Maddi | Sat, 04/05/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Thanks Maddi!!!

Thanks Maddi for your lovely comment! *beaming* I've never heard of that Coldplay song, but I'll have to look it up now ;)
Thanks again! You are an AWESOME reader!

Kassady | Mon, 04/07/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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