Rhymless poetry 4 (technically it should be 5)

A Poem By Kassady // 4/14/2014

There comes a time,
A time when you have to believe,
Believe in the people around you,
Believe what you hear to be true,
Despite knowing full well,
The full capacity people have,
To lie to you.
You'll be miserable,
Completely miserable, questioning,
Questioning for the rest of your life.

It's like watching a race,
Neck to neck,
Toe to toe,
They speed through the halls,
Mouths moving faster,
Than their much determined step.
Waltzing here to there,
No time for silliness,
Walk don't run,
Run don't walk.
A race of wills,
Neither butting heads,
Nor slowing down.
It's like watching a pair of chickens,
Feathers flying,
Clucking and squawking,
As they flock to be first.

Childish Daydreams
Childhood daydreams come flooding back,
Full of romance and adventures.
So surreal yet they filled my living reality,
And were always on my mind.
My daydreams at their best,
Full of chance and luck,
Villains and heroes,
Cliche stories and dramatic scenes,
A play just for me.
Daydreams full of silly romance,
Romance uncomplicated by experience.
And oh how I'd dream of boys,
The ones who actually knew how to talk to girls,
The ones who always said the right things,
Who never dropped me,
Or used me,
As bitter as that sounds.
Makes me laugh,
To think of daydreams,
Innocence lost in the wind.

Night and Day
The moon taunts me,
Ribbons cascading,
The sky brightens,
Bit by bit,
As the sun begins to shine

The hairs on the back of my neck jump in surprise,
As you walk into the room,
Rising as if reaching for the exit.

The Yankee Candle burns,
Tickling my nostrils,
Teasing me with the smell,
Of someone once precious,
But still dear.

Excitement bubbles up,
Bursting with a giddy energy,
Suddenly I can't stop smiling,
And my hands won't stop shaking.

I wish words could express,
And truly tell,
How much excitement glows,
And grows within me.

It's silly,
Dancing by myself,
Humming a song,
And I find it silly,
The way this smile stays glued to my face,
The way butterflies flutter,
In my belly.
It's silly,
I'm sure it is,
Because I feel silly,
Wearing this foolish grin.

Constant voices from another room,
Wordless buzz filling the air ecstatically,
A word or two trickles through,
It's impossible to piece together,
The puzzle pieces of conversation.


I liked these. A bunch. They

I liked these. A bunch. They were very straightforward and without anything extraneous--kind of blunt.

1. Lies
I really liked this: its overall message, the feel--it had a bit of resignation to it, and a hint of darkness.

2. Race
I like this one. Not sure if it's metaphorical or actually based off of something. I couldn't relate personally. It was bit abstract.

3. Childish Daydreams
I love the last line and the fact that it has an almost cynical overall feel. Like you're scoffing at that version of yourself. Brings back memories of us sitting and talking about these daydreams! I thought it was soooo scandalous. ;P

4. Night and Day
Like the use of ribbons here.

5. Creeper
THIS IS MY FAVORITE. AHH! Absolutely one of my favorites ever. Rising as if reaching for the exit. I. Just. Love. That. Line. It paints such a vivid image. And it's SO imaginative! I loved that. Also, backstory?

6. Autumn
I like this, too. It was just kind of nice and lovely. It flowed very well.

7. Excitement
I THINK I know what this one is about! haha! Love it!

8. Speechless
This almost seems an extension of excitement. I like it, though. They're kind of like snapshots--I can picture the range of emotions.

9. Silly

10. Chatter
I like this one as well! Good job!

Thanks for posting these!! Pleeease keep 'em coming! I absolutely loved Creeper. haha

Madeline | Tue, 04/15/2014

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way


Kassady, with each post you are getting better and better! It's great to watch your progress.
I think I liked Lies the best; it is so true. So funny, because as I was reading this (I have an outline for a poem about lies at the moment) I was just like Hey! Same topic as mine! Yeah, so that was kinda cool :)

I liked Silly; it expresses the feeling really well. And I can especially relate to Chatter :)

Awesome job!

Maddi | Wed, 04/16/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Thank you!!!

Thank you two so much! Your comments are awesome and so encouraging!!! Like I've said before! I have the best readers ever!!!
I'll be posting the 6th batch soon (as soon as my editor picks up his phone :P)

Kassady | Sun, 04/20/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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