Sister~ Best Friend (41)

A Poem By Kassady // 2/28/2015

Peoples Minds challenge:

My eyes are wide,
Soaking in the screen,
Enjoying the pleasures of life,
For adventure and love lies there.
They tell me I'll fall in love,
They tell me it's not long off,
Sometimes I'm concerned,
Because I don't want to end up pathetic,
Like the rest of those poor girls,
Who fall head over heals in love,
It's just sad,
And gross.

Dancing Partner
Like pieces of gold,
In a well paying trade,
I collect social interactions,
Saving them and spending them as I please.
They make me smile,
Rich with grins thrown my way,
A millionaire if every laugh were worth a buck.
I treasure them,
Keeping them close,
Investing my social generosity,
With the people who's company,
I treasure the most.

Long haired stranger
Her eyes met mine and I knew,
That I wanted to be closer to her,
Eyes following her,
As her eyes,
-did they follow me?-
(Indeed) They followed me as well.
Back and forth,
Catching her eye,
Catching her smile,
And just like that she was gone,
I knew her eyes would haunt me,
But I'd never see her again.

Best Friend
I try to busy myself,
Blinding (numbing) my impatient excitement,
With an array of check-lists,
Daily to-do's and tv-shows.
Colors, lights, and numbers,
The things I can get my hands on,
Are my attempts at drowning out my heart beat,
Which quickens at the thought of travel.


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