Sneaking 101-How to: Steal Chocolate from under your siblings noses

An Essay By Kassady // 7/19/2010


Sneaking 101

Stealing chocolate from under your siblings noses!

An all you need to know guide!

Special Edition!




Have you always wished to get away with taking the caramel filled chocolates in the cupboard? Or waited to get back at your sister for stealing you Halloween Snicker bar? Well now you can! In the post you will find an all you need to know guide to sneaking around! Its easier then stealing candy from a baby! Its stealing chocolate from a baby!

Please answer the following:

Are you willing to get caught a few times?

Are you willing to have your chocolate privileges taken away for a month?

Are you willing on having you chocolate privileges taken away for a YEAR!

If you answered yes then "Good on ya mate!" If you answer no... well... that's not my problem!


Step 1:

Where is the goodness of chocolate hidden? In the pantry? The drawer? The Fridge or even in your mothers.... don don don... bed side table!

Here are a few places to look if you don't know (please note that I should not be held responsible for taking the chocolate from the garage! I think a bear got in there some how... or something... ):

Kitchen top cabinet (the highest you can find): look behind things and in things and make sure that you restore them to their original place! (warning!: If not some one will know there is a thief in the house... not that your a... a thief or anything! ah ha! ha! ha! *cough*)`

Fridge: you know how loud they are! The whoosh uhhhhh... sound of the cold air escaping! ARG! *shaking fist at fridge*. The best thing to do when approaching the fridge, stay calm! It can sense fear! Open it slowly, inch by inch, then hank it open. Wait for a couple of seconds, count to thirty. Then crouch down so that you wont be seen at first glance. (Same concept about moving things around and opening! If the dark chocolate wrapper was unopened, leave it so it doesn't look opened, if mom finds out she might just pass it for dad *wink, wink!)

Baskets near eating areas: Remember! Its mommy who hides this stuff! What is your mama like? Is she creative? If she is, she might just hide them into baskets! Those are simple, just make sure no ones around, and if they are and you can't shake them... look casual!

Drawers: Look in each and everyone! (Sometimes moms take in mind the "Hiding in plain sight" strategy!) Look under things and around things and inside!


Step 2:

Sneaking in broad daylight must be the hardest! Those siblings are super smellers! They can smell chocolate breath from across the room! But one fault is they don't see casual movements as sneaky movements.

Things to remember when entering and leaving!:

If your going to the kitchen the most common thing is to look like your drinking water. Get a glass of water then quickly sneak the chocolate! Then hide it in her shirt, or sock or house coat! I find it helpful if you have long sleeves, or baggy shirts, then you can hide it under your shirt without it looking awkward. Walk to your room casually, if they ask what your doing in the process say "I'm going to my room" (which for your information is not a lie!) or "I'm going to the bathroom", things not to say!: "Nowhere." "Leave me alone!" "Stop being such a busy-body!" "I don't have to tell you". They get suspicious! And that's the last thing you want (trust me!). If they suspect you, just pull on their weaknesses.

Sneaking in plain sight: If the chocolate is hidden in an easy place to get to, and you simply have to get past all your family. Act as if your looking at an interesting toy that's out of place (Warning: If you tell some one you need to put something away, do not go away empty handed! Try the best you can with finding something out of place. And even if its not out of place, pretend that it is!)


Step 3:

Getting caught!


Man up and tell the truth! Your parents will understand!If you are caught emptying the fridge of chocolate, don't pretend other wise. Look casual, as if sneaking your mothers precious store of white chocolate is normal, and offer her some as well!

If your parents are the kind that don't want you having any sweets... well tell them the truth... you might be scolded... but whats the worst they could do?! (remember! Parents aren't heartless! They'll just give you that threatening tone and tell you not to do it again) As soon as they scold you and tell you never to do it again "Stealing is not good" (Remember its not "Stealing", Its just taking it without permission *wink, wink*), go to your room and plan your next attack at how your going to get the cookie's and cream Hersey bar in the freezer! Though... you might want to wait for a while... trust will build... and then you are free to sneak again! In till your caught, then your parents give you the same lecture and by your fourth time they'll be so used to you doing this, they'll join in and learn from you!


But be warned!

Never utter a word of this to... DAD!




(Look forward to Sneaking 102- How to: Getting away with Halloween candy and Sneaking 103- When your in you're grandparents house )

Given to you by: Kassady queen of sneaks... almost queen anyway!

Approved by: Mom

Read by: YOU!





Please read and tell me what you think! I've written the second course out, but need to edit it! I'm working on the third course at the moment, so both those should be aviable soon!


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Kassady | Thu, 05/26/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Funny and true! :)

Emily Grace | Thu, 05/26/2011

LOL! This is fun--as always! :)

I snuck in and read part Three because I couldn't resisist. *sigh* :P

Madeline | Sun, 05/29/2011

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Thank you Guys!

Thanks Emily Grace and HomeschoolGirl! I had a super fun time writing this! But I must give credit to Pseudoynoumious Bosch (Or however he spells his name! LOL), I would have never written this, this way or this at all! Thanks to my new favorite author!

Thanks to the commments!

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Kassady | Sat, 06/04/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
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