Stupid Grin (Guy Problems #1)~ Sleepovers (50)

A Poem By Kassady // 2/22/2015

Stupid Grin (Guy Problems #1)
She constantly makes inquiries,
Eyes sparkling with her wisdom,
Eyes watching my face,
As I obviously lie to myself,
Trying to cover up any:
"OMG! He's so perfect and cute!"
With logical and reasonable,
Logic-y and reason-y stuff.
Fluffy arguments get sucked up,
In her vacuum of overwhelming come-backs,
Sweeping away the layers of my heart's defenses.
You say he likes me,
And I hope the stupid grin I hold inside,
Isn't in fact breaking out across my face.

Flexible Feelings For You ( Guy Problems #2)
I don't know what to think,
Or feel,
Mostly I think that I feel too much
And I feel like I overly think.
There's so much about you,
Don't even know if I'm making this up,
Just to have drama,
Playing out in my head.
You're stubborn and selfish,
Opinionated and arrogant,
You're conceited and completely,
Absolutely, positively,
Under my skin.
I wish I knew why I've dreamt of your lips,
When I'm fighting so hard,
Not to think of how much I truly care,
About you.

Alone With You (GP #3)
The few seconds alone are agony,
Excruciating even if,
The torture lasts less than a minute.
Why do I still want you?
After all this time,
After all my pain,
I cannot believe,
That your jaw still makes me lustful,
Your eyes still inspire lines of poetry,
The side of your neck,
Where your caramel brown skin,
Meets your leather jacket's collar,
Keeps taunting me,
My lips aching at the thought.

Dream Of You(GP #4)
You try your best,
But even here inside my head,
You'll never be charming enough,
To slip your way back into my life,
Maybe as a friend,
But never again,
Will I ask for less than best,
Or settle for "eh,"
For the good guy always gets the girl.
A smile spreads across my face,
As I read,
Your 5AM message making me giggle,
Just the fact that you'd take the trouble,
To talk to me so early,
Makes me want to hug you.
This giddiness will last the day,
And I'm not sure what to think,
Since we're so friendly,
I wouldn't want to mess anything up,
With obvious flirtation,
With comments I so desperately want to say,
Like "my life is amazing,
Well now that you're in it."

Dead Poet Society
My heart cries in a hearty exclamation,
Agreeing with all my soul,
Soaking in the captains words,
Holding onto them like a life raft.
Eyes shining with sadness,
And respect,
My lips tremble as words unspoken,
Turn into tears that swim,
And then plunge from between the curtains,
That which are my eyelids.
His face beams with gratitude,
While my heart swells with bitter-sweet sorrow,
Sorrow and inspiration,
Inspired to live fully,
To carpe diem,
And stand higher off the ground as to see,
So as to look upon my surroundings in a different light,
To see the abundant life all around me.

Falling In Love?
Is it possible,
To fall in love with someone,
Just because they're in your life?
Just because they find the slightest interest in you?
If anyone were to deny it,
I'd have to argue to some point,
But the fact that trips me,
Is if it's falling in love,
Or falling into confusion.

Daydream Addiction
The daydreaming has begun,
I knew speaking of you to others,
Would make these romanticized images of you,
Start to flutter around my head.
Now I won't be able to stop,
And I'll fall like a fool,
Like I've always done.
True I'm satisfied now,
But will I next week?
Or the week after that?
The more I get to know you,
The less I want to stay away,
Somehow wishing to show some kind of interest,
While still not making things awkward,
Because it's so comfortable with you,
And that is what I love;
That is what I'm afraid of,
When daydreams start to arise,
Afraid that with these dreams,
Lie awkward silence,
Longing stares,
And painful checking and rechecking for your messages.

Silliness arises from the smallest things,
Amusement made up of sugar-highs,
And the high we get,
By just being in each other's presence.


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