Sweet Talk~Responsiblity (Rhymless Poetry 10&11)

A Poem By Kassady // 5/23/2014

Week One: Sweet Talk & Bully

Sweet Talk I
Senseless sweet talk,
Mindlessly thought over,
Daydreamt and romanticized.
It's nothing new,
I've spoken sweet words,
Made passionate compliments,
And held a flirtatious conversation,
In my daydreams before this.
Endless fantasizing isn't new,
Except for this time,
There's an actual chance,
A chance I'll say it all out loud,
To you.

Sweet Talk II
It's my turn,
To say sweet things.
And oh how I love,
The way you respond,
Grasping for the right words to say,
Trying to respond,
With the same amount of sweetness,
But your words fall short,
Yet I don't mind,
They still make me feel special,
And just a bit victorious,
To know that you're speechless.

You rob me of air,
Making my head spin,
From lack of oxygen,
And from giddy delight.
I gasp for breath,

Your scent has left my skin,
Leaving behind regret that it's gone,
And longing to have it back.

Insomnia's Kiss
I must have forgotten how to fall asleep,
For I lie awake daydreaming for hours,
Tirelessly haunted by your touch.
Memories which trigger feelings,
Tingles and butterflies,
Keep me conscious,
Trapping me in the real world,
A world which you make feel like a dream.
A never ending daydream keeps me up,
All throughout the night I think of you,
Thinking only of you,
Longing only for you,
Tirelessly haunted by the memories of only you.

Boo hoo,
I cried over you,
And all I can think of,
Is that you'd make fun of me.
Your cynicism,
Your negativity,
Your total disregard for my feelings,
Have got me feeling blue,
You've grown to be a friend,
But now you bully me,
Forcing me to see your opinions.
Strong and forceful beliefs,
Which tear down the world,
Twisting it into something small,
And full of ignorant beings.
Are you not human too?
Are you not arrogant?
Point that finger right back,
Point it back at yourself.
Just like the ones you loath,
Your beliefs are just as narrow-minded,
Fixated on your opinions,
You've spun a religion for yourself,
And have become just like them,
And full of your self-righteousness.
It's draining,
The way you tear me down,
It's hard to stay calm,
When all I want to do is strike back,
To call you mean names,
And say nasty things,
Because you started it.

Week Two: Distance & Responsibilty

Distance In An Inch
Pull me closer to you,
Hold me so tight,
That there is no chance of floating away.
I want to pull you closer,
Hold your face in my hands.
Close is never close enough,
The slightest distance feels too far,
Never let me go.

Cézanne Studying
Like finding a hidden treasure,
Surrounded by dark greens,
Short brush strokes,
Disorganized and senseless.
Like gold it shines out,
A brilliant touch of color,
Bright yellow against the canopy,
Leaves molded together,
By layer upon layer of layered green.

How can someone be so good?
Is it possible?
How can someone love me so?
Is it possible?
You accept me,
And needy as I am.
You see past all my faults,
Make me feel like I have none at all.
I feel like a princess with you,
You are my knight in shining armor.
You listen,
You wait,
You understand.
You hold me like I'm fragile,
Something easily broken.
A true gentleman,
You hold your arms out to catch me,
And I fall for you even faster.
Every time you make me laugh,
A little piece of my heart brightens,
Oh! You make me feel so young,
So beautiful,
So weak,
So happy,
So special.
How can someone be so good?
It's seems so impossible.
How can someone be so perfect?
You've made anything probable.

Not But Myself
I feel like I'm a different person,
But yet I'm more myself,
I feel like I've become a different person,
That or I've been this way all along,
And its been staring me in the face,
Under my nose,
All this time.
Maybe I'm more myself,
Maybe I'm someone new,
I'm not quite sure what to think,
Because I'm different but the same,
When I'm alone with you.

The word rings in my ears,
Holding me down,
In a warm caress,
A grip I cannot escape,
Why would I?
When it's so comforting.



Hey! Cool poems!

I think all these had great rhythm, especially Bully, Pastability and Not But Myself. I enjoyed the descriptions of Cezanne Studying. Good job!

Maddi | Tue, 05/27/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Thanks Maddi!

Thanks Maddi :) I love seeing your comments, and it makes me so happy to see that I have such a loyal reader as you!!! Thanks a bunch for reading, I know this post was a long one!

Kassady | Tue, 05/27/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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