Tass and Tahlia (poem of dedication)

A Poem By Kassady // 6/30/2011

Dedicated to Tahlia Grant and her amazing character Tass.



Oh Tahlia the genius writer,

Oh Tass the invincible hero,

May you both live through worse and better!


Everything we throw at you,

Is regarded with high sarcasm,

Oh you witty writer oh you!


Everything that is done to you oh Tass,

Bounces off to the dust,

You can not kill him or wound him, oh invincible Tass!


Why do you taunt us so?

What have we ever done to you?

Well... except for threaten to hunt you down and pitch fork you... so?!


I know this poem does not give you justice,

It is poor, I must agree,

But without you two in my life, I would still be nice!


Mischief and sarcasm alike, which,

Are your greatest tools!

You hang us on a cliff and then pull us up inch by inch.


My nerves cannot take much more,

You must post more and more!

This stories so great and so mean, I must have more!


All this taunting of our courage I trust,

Is all a part of your devious plan,

To make us read more and more, for more is always a must!


Oh Tahlia great and Tass the wonderful!

How can you ever be more... more!

You are amazing, and my praise is all but meaningful.


I love your character, I love your book,

How could there ever be better,

Oh dear author, I must say, You have me on your hook!


You reel me into the story!

You chop me and skin me with cliffhangers,

And plop me into your stew of  wanting to know the mystery.


I could go on and on, all day and all night,

But now I've said enough meaningless words,

So goodbye my marvelous author Tahlia, and Tass the mischievous might.



For you Tahlia Grant!

I hope you like it! It's not the best... but I couldn't just not write a poem! YOUR STORY IS AWESOME!!!!


Write on!

Kassady | Wed, 07/06/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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