The Tenth Sensed, Chapter 4

Fiction By Kassady // 6/26/2010


                                                           Chapter 4

                                                      dummie fighting

Lampsted stood gaping in disbelief ," Your giving me a assighnment? But I'm not Knight yet, I'm not even close! I have five more classes ahead of me that I have to finish" . " I think you have enough training. Your the best in the your class, And! before Mayik came here to ask me to look at the young men, I was going to move you two classes ahead" The Battlemaster said. Lampsted was shocked, " You were?" Lampsted asked, he was tottaly bewildered. " I'm sorry Henrie, he actuelly doesn't have a choice in the matter" The glassy eyed Seeir, Mayik, Said.    " Oh, Well then. Lampsted Morr. You are here by forced to go on a dangerous mision, that might cause your Life, oh and your going to travel with some one you never knew. Have Fun" The Battlemaster said amusment aparent in his voice. Mayik didn't look amused, " Do you have any very good friends, that you could trust your life with?" Asked Mayik turning from the Battlemaster's joke to Lampsted. "Why?" Lampsted asked suspesiosly. " Do you?". Lampsted still curious said slowly , " Yelismen Barlem, sir. He's like a brother to me"." And you can trust your life on him"." Yes?"Lampsted was still puzzeld. " Ah yes, Yelismen and Lampsted are like two peas in a pod" The battlemaster agreed. " Well then, he's going too" Mayik said looking down at some papers. Lampsted's face lit up with the excitement he had been trying to hide when he was first told he was given a assiment . " Really Sir?" Lampsted asked excitedly. " Yes Man! didn't you hear what I said!" Mayik said angerly. Just then there was a knock at the door. " Come In!" The Battlemaster boomed cheerfully. The door creeked open and a familur anxios face popped in " Yelismen, what is it man!" The Battlemaster boomed again. " Its umm.. Lampsted Sir.. I can't find him anywhere! I just doused of and I woke up needing to get a glass of water and he wasn't there! I search the training yard and the armory and i even searched the Gardens,but he was nowhere to be..." Yelismen's argent voice was cut short as he opened the door more to find Lampsted sitting in a comforotable armchair looking excitedly at him. Lampsted got up quickly, " Yelismen, You won't believe what I'm going to tell you!" Lampsted said , his words hurried by excitement. " You and I , Are going on... on... A QUEST!"." A WHAT!" Yelismen said his voice going shrill with excitement. " A... Quest.." Mayik said said grumpily closing his ears from the shotting ' This was not my job! I thought it would more peaceful then this' he thought to himself. Lampsted put his hands on Yelismen's shoulders and Yelismen put his on Lampsted's, and shook each other excitedly smiles as big as the creasant moon on there faces. " Remember" the voice of Mayik said. " You are just going to acomedate the person who was really assighned this mision. Its not really your mision, your just going to be there for pretiction and number's".  " Well.. It's better then no assighnment at all" Yelismen sid looking on the bright side. " Thats the spirt lad" the Battlemaster said.                                     " When do we leave?"


Malva sighed impatienly, ' How long did it take to set up a battle field!' she thought . " Alright We're done" called out the cheerful fatherly voice of Bipoat. She walked out of the little thacht cottage, she took in a shocked gasp.

the Field on the left of the forest to the village , thousands of straw dumie's had come to life, their Rapier's, Broad swords, Twohanded swords,saber's, fencer's, Axes, spears, And arrows, glinted in the midday sun. Bipoat smiled comfortingly at her, " I too have a couple magic tricks up my sleave" he said and pushed up his sleave's dramacticly. " You don't think they could anoint just a smart simple man for Master of the whole magic cousil". Malva smiled at him, and looked around for Aaron , " Where's Aaron?" ." He's the last your going to fight". " Oh Great!" ."hm.. Now the point of this excersise is to use each and every Sense you have ( except nine and ten), to distroy the army of.. strawmen, Remember there are arrows as well so look out. You have all your weapens ready? Good! Now of with you to the battle line". She jogged to the battleline.

It was one too ten million, but Malva's face set in consintration. She gripped her Broadsword and Longsword more titely. The line of Straw dummies smiled at her eviely. She grinned confedently back. Bipoat ran across the field a firecracker in his hand, he droped in the middle and ran back. Boom! It blasted into the sky screaming as it went.

The line yelled as they ran at her with all their might. Swip,Clang,Shee,Clang, Malva split open three dummies in one swip, then taking two swords at a time to her broadsword then taking a axe with her longsword, she lunged at the two dummies who were trying to find a vollerable spot, their straw heads tumbled to the grouned. A purpleish pinkish dust swirled around Malva as she transeformed . Four hooves and strong furry legs replaced her two feeble ones, the upper part of her body was herself . She put away her longsword and changed it with another broadsword, feeling the strangth that a horse had rush into her. She swung wildly but her fighting skills never left her, left and right straw dummies fell in heeps, as a hundred fell too her strong arms. Again the dust consumed her, and then there was nothing to be seen. A dummie looked around him couriously swinging his sword around. A envesable force split him in two then his comrades around him turned into mounds of hay on the green grass. The archers on top of the rocks shot in the place that the straw dummies were being atacked . A scream was heard and the dust formed, the warrioress stood there holding her arm next to her , a lucky arrow embeded in her shoulder. Puple-pink fire formed in Malva's right unenjurd hand. She blew on it and the fire danced off her hand ignighting the straw around her, another thousand straw warroirs turned to ash. Water flew from her finger tips as she used more of Sense Four. She steped through the smoke her longsword in hand as she inhanst closer too the remaining army. Block, Parie,Doge, Strike,Parie,Block,Stike,Dodge,Lunge,Block, Strike,Block, Parie, Lunge. " Smaesilfie" She yelled in all the battle noice, the dust circled her growing higher and higher. In her place a purplish pink,dragon, with bat-like wings and lizzard like face with velvet colored eyes, stood towering ten feet high above the quivering dummies. She plucked the now very small arrow out of her shoulder, wincing ( as best a dragon could). Her forked snake-like tongue flickered out and in. She oped her mouth , a purple mist creeped out of it and slide like a snake to the ground then stuck to the ground like fog. The dummies steped into the purple fog and instently he turned to flames, The fog creeped arcoss the ground consuming the straw dummies and turning them to black coils on the ground. Malva changed again to herself and again water flew from her fingertips and the fog vanished. A hundred dummies stood huddel together, all that was left of the army of straw. Malva grasped her rapier and stuck it underneith the trembling straw dummie captian," Though doest done your job great, you may go back to your unliving state" She said and the Living straw dummies slumped to the ground, once again dead still.



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