The Tenth Sensed, Chapter VI

Fiction By Kassady // 12/28/2010


Chapter 6

Such is life

Lampsted jumped off his steed and led Arrow to a log that was on the ground inside the clearing, that they had chosen to hunker down in.

Yelismen helped Lampsted pitch the tents and scout out the area. While Malva set to work unloading things, like pots and pans and cooking supplies, and of course their food.

"Phorknere!" Malva cursed angrily, "I forgot cooking tongs!" Lampsted and Yelismen gasped. Malva looked questioningly at them, "What!"

"You ... You.....Y-"

"What! what did I do? am I on fire? is there some one behind me? do I look strange?" Malva asked with irritation, "Ohhh... I see I said Phorknere... is it really such a bad word over there?"

They both winced at it again, "Yes it is! do you not know who the bad-word was? He was the worst man in history! -okay not the worst!- but next to it!" Yelismen said looking frightened.

"Oh, we're going to hear and see a lot more bad things then the stories of Phorknere."

Malva left the boys looking around anxiously at the tree's, expecting at any moment for some bad thing to come charging out of the forest and carry them away to be eaten.

Malva started mumbling quietly to herself, "Old wives tales!" and "Ufzach! what were you thinking... Not bringing tongs!" as she built a fire pit and collected wood, shaping the fire wood in place. She looked over her shoulder,her head swiveled around like a owl, Lampsted was watching her intensely, which made her nervous, he noticed that she wanted to make sure, that no one saw what she was doing, and turned around and walked into the forest, muttering something about "I'm going to help Yelismen". She looked around one more time and a ball of pink-purple flame danced on her palm.

Lampsted stood gaping at the sight in front of him, as he spied on Malva, to see how she was going to light a fire when she hadn't brought any tinderbox. No wonder she didn't want any one to watch what she was doing. He thought to himself, as he turned -reluctantly- away, deciding that looking for Yelismen wouldn't be so bad after all.


"We will have to go through Moss , I need to pick up some last minute supplies. And that is the way we are planning to go anyway. So then we will cross the Grandie River" Malva said, pointed to the map with a stick.

Lampsted looked at her in amazement,"How do you remember it all? I mean... I know the Grandie River of course! that one is the great river of all Afinlyn. But I mean Moss?"

"Um.... I thought they would've taught you how to read a map. But apparently Knights just don't mind getting lost", Malva pointed to the writing above a dot on the map, surrounded by tree drawings.

"Oh..." Lampsted forced a laugh, " Um.... Of course, Silly me!"

Malva shook her head What do they teach in those schools?

"So.... I guess we should get moving" yawned Yelismen, stretching his arms. Malva ducked his fist, "What's for breakfast?"

"We already had breakfast!" Malva exclaimed, "You can't still be hungry!".

"He's like that. All the time, that's Yelismen for you." Lampsted stood up brushing himself off, little crumbs falling down to the ground. He offered his hand to Malva. She scowled at it , and got up herself, raising her nose in the air, giving a disdainful sniff, and walked away to clean up. Lampsted starred after her, his mouth hung upon, he looked questioningly at Yelismen who only shrugged , "Why are all women like that?!"


"A loaf of bread, a block of cheese, one pair of your best tongs.... and....salt" Malva said in a business voice, ordering bread,cheese,tongs and salt from the merchant. He bustled about.

Lampsted looked away, his stomach fluttering with butterflies She's better at this than I am! She's better at EVERTHING!

Yelismen was staring around a grin on his face, as he looked into the bakers shops and blacksmith's. Lampsted followed Yelismen's example and looked around.

A women with a blue shawl carried a bag of groceries, a man was selling twisted bread covered in salt, a delicious smell coming from them as the man yelled out, "PREZALS! HOT FRESH PREZALS! ONLY A FARTHING!" , a hunched up man swept the front step of a Inn called The flowered blanket, A plump rosy cheeked fifty year old women was selling steaming buns that could out do any kings cook, two boys were fighting in a corner, one bigger with blond hair, the other smaller and thinner with black hair. Lampsted shouldered his way over to the two boys, the black haired boys nose ways bleeding and his eye was black.

"Enough!" Lampsted said loudly taking hold of the blond haired boys arm as it went up for another punch, "ENOUGH! What do you think your doing! beating up some one smaller then you! Why, that's cowardly! That means your nothing but a crow hearted bully, pecking on the wounded mouse. You should be ashamed!" Lampsted said making sure his voice was disapproving.

"I'm sorry sir" mumbled the blond haired boy, letting go of the black haired boys shirt.

"And you!" Lampsted turned on the black haired boy, "You... You should never let your opponent get the upper hand, BUT! fighting a coward is worthless, with them, you need to turn your back and wish someday that they might be of a stronger heart."

The boys looked at each other


"We don't attack our neighbors! We might hate them, but we never show them harm. Shake hands!" The boys shook each others hands, and looked at Lampsted with respect, "May you find honor, glory, faith and love! You two would make good knights some day! Farewell!"

They took off and Lampsted was left standing in the corner grinning after them. He turned to find Malva staring at him with approval, she smiled nodding her head to him.

Malva looked at him, he has dealt with that well!

Lampsted nodded respectfully back grinning, finally! .....


"In the wind of the east, so sweet!

Ovens bake the kings yummy treat!

In the wind of east, so fair!

Mountains big, and fields, bear!

From the wind of the east the ocean sighs!

Blacks waters and blue tides....

When shall we meet again! my darling,

When shall I see your face again! my darling,

When shall I embrace you in my arms again! my darling!!!

My Darling...

My Darling...

My darling...

In the wind...of...the...east..."

Sang Malva, her face glowing in the light of the fire. She blushed and smiled shyly as Yelismen and Lampsted clapped, smiling enthusiastically. They had been in a sort of trace through the whole song, and now they looked longingly at her to sing another.

"Your turn" she said to Yelismen, he blinked incredulously at her. He cleared his throat, and Lampsted moved to the log Malva was on, so is to get a better view of the singer...

“When Lilly's blow in the wind!

and the children in the courtyard spin!

You will find me striding,

away to knight priding,

for, I am the wandering knight!

I feed myself on fairy bread and drink morning light,

You will know my heart is very true,

As true as dawns golden dew!

When battles call,

and when fair maidens bawl,

when dragons don't let you be,

these thing call out to me!

I will come flashing in!

wiping away the sin!

When Lilly's blow in the wind!

and the children in the courtyard spin!

You will find me striding!

away to knight priding!

For, I am the wandering...Knight...”


Malva claped enthusiastically, smiling at Yelismen , “Well done!”

“Not bad” Lampsted said claping slowily, “Now, its off to bed!”

Malva caught the end of his tunic as he was standing up, and then pulled back onto the log,
“Not so fast! You don't think you can force me to sing without me forcing you to, do you. Sit and lets hear it!”

“But!” Lampsted protested.

“Go on!” Malva continude, getting up and sitting over with Yelismen, “You sung just fine on the road to the cottage.”

Lampsted was silent, then he flung up his hands in surrender. Malva and Yelismen apluded, and then leaned forward.

“Me, myself and I,

We lived just fine,

Me, myself and I.

We did not need anyone!

Oh no! Not anyone,

....But you.

Me, Myself I,

We lived just fine!

Till you came 'round,

And turned me around.

You gave me light,

You gave hope,

You gave me sight...

Me, myself and I,

Didn't think are lives would be tied,

Oh my love, how could we try?

Me, myself and I!

To you we could never lie,

I love you dear...lee!

You and I!

I do now, happily sigh!

You and Me,

Oh I love you so much I can't breath when I thinkith of thee!

You and I!

You and Me!


I...Love...You... Dear....Lee!”


Malva sighed contentedly, smiling in a dreamy fashion. Yelismen clapped smiling, as Lampsted got up and streched, he held out his hand for Yelismen, who took it greatfully.

“Now its off to bed!” Lampsted said, then offered his hand to Malva.

Malva stared at the hand for a moment, but got up herself, as agile as a cat, She smiled kindly at him, not meaning it to offend him.

Lampsted smiled back, understanding her personal space, though it didn't mean he was going to stop trying to be a gentlemen.

“Goodnight” Yelismen said, disapearing into his tent.

“Fine! You take second watch!” Lampsted yelled after him, sighing and walking over to the tree stump again.

“I'll take first watch” Malva offerd, wishing to think for a little before going to sleep.

“No that's okay,” Lampsted answered poiliitly, even though he wished to go lay down in his blankets.

“I don't fall asleep right away, let me have first watch.”

Lampsted thought about it for a little, then disiding that Malva was telling the trueth, he got up and moved into his tent.

Malva took deep breaths of the cool night air, a feeling of anxios butterflies in her stomach, as she heard a breaking of a twig, then a rustle of leaves. Malva had her hand on her broadsword hilt, but all she sensed was a mouse. With a sigh of relief she whispered a charm to help her eyes see in the dark. She saw the small mouse, scuttling around, afriad of being snatched up by an owl. And, as quick as a thought, a long-eared owl swooped down, and grabed the tiny helpless mouse, who squeeled and squeeked franticly. Malva felt simpathy for the poor thing, but knew that the owl needed to eat, and the mouse had to die, such was life. The thought made Malva shudder and look around suspiciosly.

And now life told Malva to trade turns with Yelismen.