The Terth Sensed : Chapter 3

Fiction By Kassady // 5/12/2010

                                                   Chapter 3

                                            The Assighnment


" So... Bipoat is the master of the whole consil?" Malva ask putting her and her mentors bowl in the sink. " Exactly" . " And he wants to see you?"."US" Aaron corrected."right! Are you friends with him?"." Don't we have training to do? We have to be ready for anything that he might tell us to do"." Like a quest!?" she asked excitedly. "You never know. Now let's get started"

Shwush! Malva's rapier swiped in midair. Clang! Went Malva's broadsword against Aaron's. " Block! Parry! Dodge! Strike!" Malva called out as she blocked, parried,dodged, and striked at her mentor. " Lunge!". Malva was about to lunge when she sensed some ones pressence. " What is it?" asked Aaron looking in the direction she was. " Bipoat" Malva gasped . A tall, muscle bound, Brown hair, hairy, cat green eyed, man steped out from the forest     " So" He said with a chuckel, " This is the famous ' Malva' Aaron keeps telling me about". Is voice was deep and manly and very fatherly like. " Bipoat! I thought I had told you to come in a month, You have four more weeks left!" Aaron exlaimed agrily, but he had a big smile on his face. " Nice to see you too Aaron".

" This is delicious!" Bipoat boomed happely scooping the last of the stew out of his bowl. " Thank you" Malva said scidishly. " Alright now that your here can we get down to busness. Please!" Aaron said impatiantly. " Alright!... Do you have anymore of that soup by chance?" Bipoat said looking around if to see a boul fly into his hands. " NO!... YOU ATE IT ALL YOU UFZACH!" Aaron exploded. Malva gasped, a Ufzach was a creature that lived in the mountains, but they were very stupid creatures, some walked of cliffs others ran into walls with all its force. "AARON!" Malva exclaimed. Bipoat smiled, " Always, Forever Ranger" He chuckeled. Malva quickly looked at Aaron knowing that he usally exploded with anger at the mention of his formal dutys as a Ranger. " Could we PLEASE put my history back on the bookshelf and start Malva's" Aaron said. Malva was shocked at how well he was controling his anger. " Alright, Alright now that you've asked nicely!" he said laughing. " Malva", he suddenly changed from laughing to speaking serously, " There has been a attack at the Magic House,by the Alphater's. What was conserning the most was that they took all the apprentices. I'm guessing, now this is just a guess, that they were looking for you". Malva gasped in surprise, " Why me". " We still don't know exactly, but we are guessing there is more to you then it seems, and being a Tenth Sensed that usally means you have enemy's out in the world some where. But the Alphater's are a dangerous tribe! they are savige creatures, they pray to the diemen gods and burn villages taking all the children back with them to cook and eat them, and sometimes they eat them ALIVE and raw! Sorry for nightmere's! So we are guessing that you have the power to distroy them, And this is just a guess. So the console, including me, has dicided to give you an assignment. You must go to there camp and distroy them," Bipoat said as if this was very easy. " But its more complicated then it sounds, you see Alphater's are nomades so they might be camped farther and farther every step you go, its kind of like going after a runnaway horse, And then when you do catch up with them you have to deal with the scouts that suround the camp, and thats A LOT of scouts! Its as big as the kings calvery. But we can talk about that when we train in the morning" Aaron said standing up and stretching his arms out . Bipoat stood up as well and yawned. " Where am I going to sleep"


THUD!! Lampsted crashed to the ground . " AHHHH..." THUD!! Yelismen crashed beside him. They both looked at each other ," Good morning old friend! how are you this lovely day" Yelismen said in a tone so ridiculious in the chaotic court yard it made him laugh, " Yes the day is breathtaking, it absilutly nocks the air out of me" Lampsted said back a grin spread across his face. Yelismen laughed. " Alright men! get up and catch those horses before we have the Lady Tranella scene again, With The Same Horses!". " Yes Sir" They said together and ran ( as best they could) to the black and brown horses. " I heard that we are actuelly going to own these horses!" Yelismen said eagerly," I'm thinking about calling him Chesnut" . " You can't call him Chesnut! do you know HOW many people call their horses Chesnut. How about you name him after a famous Battlemaster or Knight" Lampsted said, holding titely to his rains knowing that any minute his horse would chose to fling him off. " Oh ok... how about... Cancelot he's a famous one"."Cancelot is a myth, and pluse he loved the kings wife Jeneveir, he was heroic but I wouldn't name him after Cancelot"." Alright maybe George Vashingdon he was a great ruler!...hmm.. no thats not right... How about Balvenor!"." You got it ! Balvenor was the best! hmmm.... Balvenor the horse of Yelismen THE GREAT!" Lampsted said, his horses back legs stiffend, Lampsted gullped, " Good bye old friend maybe I will see you in another life" Lampsted said griping the rains even harder , so hard his nuckels turned white. And his horse started to buck

" Do you think we should tell them now , how to grip with their legs" One off the knights  said watching the two apprentices strugle to stay on there stallions. " I don't know if I'm ready yet  this is quite enjoyable" The Battlemaster said. " You guys are so meen" the knight said shaking his head, he sighed and walked into the courtyard. He looked where Lampsted and Yelismen was but all he saw was two emty saddles. He heard his comrade's laughing hystaricly. He saw them laying on the ground. " Are you alright" The knight said rushing over to them. " Lipton, we were just flung of a horse. Imagine being flug one hundred feet of the ground and landing hard on the ground then Imagine a five hundred pound Lampsted fall one hundred feet of the ground to land hard on your stomach. How alright do you think you'd be" Yelismen said grouchely. Lampsted lay on his stomach on the ground laughing so hard Lipton thought he was going to kill himself.   " Lampsted ? are you alright". Lampsted was trying to  controle himself but every time he took a breath laughter spelled out, so he just wen't with nodding his head. " Ok?.... Listen the secret to theese horses are, you have to keep on their backs ... about.... I think five to ten minutes, and their good as yours . And here's a secret to stay on , Hold on with your legs, don't worry a thing about if it will hurt the horse, I bet they can't even feel it!". " Thanks" Yelismen said helping Lampsted off the ground, " No problem any time". And Lipton walked away. " Do you think he's telling the truth or wants to see the horses crush us to nothing but dust?" Yelismen asked Lampsted, hobbling to his horse. " I don't know  Lipton is pretty nice.. Lets try it , I mean we can't get any more bruised up". 

" Yahoo!" Lampsted cryed in pure happyness. He took off his shirt and layed it in his trunk. " You said it! I had no idea I could be this happy about training a horse" Yelismen answerd taking off his shoes. " We didn't train a horse! we won a impossable battle against the evil horsees". Yelismen laughed ," What are you going to call you'rs" . " I don't know, it has to be something strong but simple" ." how about Sword" Yelismen said. "mmm.. No..." . " Sting" ."nope". "Cole"."Nay"."Jet"."NO"."Come"."Yelismen!"."I GOT IT! Arrow". " Yelismen! you finaly got it!" Lampsted said slidding into the scratchy bed. " Thank you!". Yelismen slid next to him . They were selent as they waited for the lights to be put out. " Yelismen?" Lampsted whispered....." Yelismen?", Lampsted sighed as he knew his friend was asleep. " Lampsted!" a voice boomed at the end of the bed . Lampsted sat up. The Battlemaster stood there his hands on his hips, " Get up, we have to talk". Lampsted stumbeld out of bed, put on his shirt and shoes, and catched up with the battlemaster. " What is it?" he asked as the passed through dark halls and passageways. He started to climb the long stair case to the Battlemasters office. The big man was silent , as they reached the top turning to the right and went through a big salid oak door. " Sit" a voice said from the shadows, the voice was stern and serious,deepand mysteriuos. " Lets go strate to the point " the Battlemaster said. " Yes indeed" the voice said. " What's going on" Lampsted asked nervously. " We have news from the Stapus". " The WHAT?" ." The Stapus ,  its a group of importent people that work for the king, or at least ome work for the king. Almost all of them work in the arts of Magic , except Rangers the most closest to the king" . Lampsted gasped, he knew the ledgens of the Rangers, the were amazing at everything they did , they better then sorcerors. " well, back to the news. The Alphaters have atacked them, Don't ask. They are going to send a person out to envestigate, but a Seeir  has seen two other companions with him, The Seeir only knows the face so he is here to pick who it is" . Lampsted looked around the room wondering if another mysterious person was in the shadows, his gaze came back to the man " Where is he?" Lampsted asked. The man stood up and steped into the light, his face was witherd and wrinkely, he was smaller then Lampsted and the the thing that really struck him was the mans eyes, the were milky white and were glazed...



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