Thief~ Still Watching My SnapChats (45)

A Poem By Kassady // 1/18/2015

When my heart broke, 
You took a piece, 
And have yet to return it. 

For Now in The Future 
I wonder what our conversations will be like, 
When we're both matured with time, 
I wonder what we'll be like, 
If you and I are still friends. 
As the years pass, 
Our lives continue on, 
Traveling on different paths, 
Yet somehow connected, 
Somehow going the same direction, 
For now. 

Where he would be the statue, 
Smart, sophisticated, 
In the center of town, 
I would be the fountain, 
Bubbling with excitement, 
Overflowing with feelings, 
Cracked and cracking.
Water droplets like my words, 
Cascading down around me, 
My smile, the sun reflecting the faces of those I love, 
The pools of love filling the base of who I am. 

Stomach aching so terrifically, 
So hard, 
My breathe short, 
Doubling over with amusement.

By the time we're ninety, 
The story will be: 
We yelled, 
We walked out, 
We cried, 
We hugged, 
And then ate the stupid strawberry.

Roadtrip Plans 
Planning the future before, 
Had my teeth on edge, 
Now excitement fills me, 
Now adventures, 
Now new is ahead, 
Just waiting for you, 
For you and me. 
Set free I see myself, 
Smiling with steering wheel in hand, 
Yelling goodbye to one state, 
Cheering hello to the next. 
What the future holds in store, 
Makes me both nervous and excited, 
But despite my suspicions of becoming, 
A wild child, crazy, unseemly, 
I know I'll have you, 
We'll keep each other in check, 
You'll help direct me to the right path, 
And I'll throw in a please. 

Still Watching My SnapChats
I saw that you've seen, 
And now I know you've seen, 
I'm angry all over again. 
Is it so hard to pick up your phone, 
And go back to, 
Just friends? 


I could really relate to all

I could really relate to all of these! I liked For Now In the Future A LOT. I'm definitely feeling that right now. Great job!

E | Sun, 01/18/2015

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Kass, these make me soso

Kass, these make me soso happy! I grinned so big at the strawberry one. Okay, feedbacks--goodness knows I owe them to you! Sorry, I've been neglecting my duties as commenting Best Friend.

Thief - I love how simple this one is. And the last line wraps it up seamlessly!

For Now In the Future - HA!! Thanks for the reassurance! I thought it might be, but for a sec I was like, "Hmmmm...." :D You DO need a code name. Just...not...Pippin. Um. Edward? You know, good old Twilight Edward? (By the way, we need to plan a marathon!) And this poem is really good. I guess you would know better than me, but I feel like you guys will. Y'all are built to last! *raises fist to the sky*

Fountain - The imagery in this is GREAT. Top-notch! Your word choice really brings it to life. Again, the last line was lovely!

Laugh - I feel like I know what this is about!!! Haha! I'm so glad we got to capture that in a picture! We need to do some picture rehearsals BEFORE the event so, you know, we don't have that elbow awkwardness.

Strawberry - TOTALLY. Yes. TOTALLY. I love that last line again! Ahhhh! It's so perfect! And this is a lovely poem. :)

Roadtrip Plans - I know!! It's superdy duper exciting! This whole stanza is just great and really stands out:

Set free I see myself,
Smiling with steering wheel in hand,
Yelling goodbye to one state,
Cheering hello to the next.

And this:

But despite my suspicions of becoming,
A wild child, crazy, unseemly,
I know I'll have you,
We'll keep each other in check

We will. Absolutely! But it's okay to go a little wild. ;) And the last line is beautiful! haha!

Still Watching My SnapChats - This one is intriguing! haha! I really like it, though. It blends modern culture with a universal feeling really well.

Madeline | Mon, 01/19/2015

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much :) your commentsmakes me happy :D!!!!
Lol! Homey, I was rereading that poem and I'm like "wait?! This could sound like I'm talking about anyone! Better make sure Homey doesn't think it's her!" :P LOL! Hmm... Edward, possibly? Werewolf? His music artist name Siknoiz? I could use that... Or call him Mr. Know-It-All... Mkia:P Kia? Hahaha! Okay! Okay, I give up! I might just ask him ;) but thanks for the poem and friendship encouragement!
Thanks Erin so much for reading :)!!!!

Kassady | Tue, 01/20/2015

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


Apparently his codename is Flex, I tried to ask but he said it was a long story, so it works for me :P

Kassady | Wed, 01/21/2015

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


I REALLY liked these! Thief is my favourite...I absolutely love the simplicity of it.
Fountain got me quite sad, actually, at this line:Cracked and cracking.
Strawberry was funny because it took the most unexpected turn at the end and I laughed out loud so bravo to you!
Roadtrip Plans I really liked because I also have plans to go roadtripping with my BFF! Love this: "And I'll throw in a please. "
Still Watching My SnapChats I related to, haha...
Great job!!

Maddi | Wed, 01/21/2015

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


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