A Treasure Island poem.

A Poem By Kassady // 7/12/2010


This poem was a assighnment I had, We had to either write a play or draw a picture or something, about Robert Louis Stevenson's ' Treasure Island'. So I wrote a poem of a scene that intreged me the most. I Made this poem of the scene, Isreal Hands( or Haun's, we didn't exactly read it, we listened to it, so it could be Hands or Hauns) is fighting with Jim hawkins. I have thought of a few name's for the poem, tell me which one you like the most please!

Jim Hawkins Fights for the ship

Jim's fight

the fishes snack

Hawkins and Hands( Hauns)

A Treasure Island poem


Do any of those work?

Well here it is:



Boom! Boom!

the knife went zoom!

Jim was pinned back.


With a scream,

Hands chest did gleam,

with scarlet blood.


"Dead men don't bite" had Hands said,

But still he was the dead.






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