Watching Me.

A Poem By Kassady // 1/25/2012

Watching Me.

A ball of light,
Is shining,
And moves through me.
I know I am guided,
In life,
I have help from you.
Angels in all forms,
Watching me,
Helping me discover love.
Love in all shapes,
and sizes,
Caressing me sweety.
Hope leads me on,
To the light and love.
Dreams show me of you,
Watching me,
Inspiring me to change.
I change me for,
The good,
Of my being and soul.
You help me change,
A comforting,
Pressence full of wisdom.
Ever so silently,
Watching me.
Though I know your there.
Imagination can be,
so narrow,
It's hard to widen our gaze.
We have grown up taught,
to fear,
You when we should learn to love.
Large wise eyes,
Watching me,
From above, around and inside me.
A boyouant red,
Radiant blue,
Joyful colors of inlightenment.
Graceful grey clouds,
Promising rain,
Hanging about to refresh life.
Symbols of you,
Watching me,
Everywhere just look around.
Happiness does grow,
on trees,
It's just a matter of picking the fruit.
Destiny speaks all the time,
In past,
Present and future.
I wish I saw you,
Watching me.
But it's alright now.
A warm place,
to sleep
The fire burning cheery red.
Gale winds blow a,
merry tune,
The chorus booming loudly.
As I dance your,
Watching me.
Smiling at my gayity.
A crystal orb,
Healing energies to me.
Growth in mind and,
in soul,
I am glad to be alive!
I know without you,
Watching me,
I couldn't have love, happiness and life.


Wow, Kass...

Didn't have the chance to comment on this on AT just yet...but I happen to be on here so I'll say I think this is your BEST. WORK. YET. It's really amazing, beautiful, with a lot of depth and truth. You wrote the words like you would say them, which makes a huge difference.

Lovely job!!! :)

Madeline | Thu, 01/26/2012


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