Wizards vs. Gods, The only weekness- introduction.

Fiction By Kassady // 1/4/2011


wIZards vs. Gods



The only weekness



Thanks to J.K. Rowling


Rick Riordan,

For inspiring me with their ideas, even though I've never met them, but I hope to some day will!







Why have you opened this book?

Is it by chance the title? Was it the front? Did a friend recamend it? Did you look up online “Wizard books” or “God books” and come up with this? Was it in a school booklist?

There could be a million reasons why you opened this book.

But at the moment, I don't think I want to go through those. I think it would be wise to tell you a little about the story you are about to enter, before I ruin a perfectly good page of dull unuseful questions.


This story is about Wizards and Gods (apparently!). A long time ago, Loki (the norse trickster god) came across a mountain in Greece. There he saw one of the greek gods chained up to the mountain , an ungly wound right over his liver (Any guesses yet?), he had almost nothing on, even though it was freezing cold.

“Great greek god... How you do look in pain” Said the sly Loki.

“I am in great pain! And it will never end, for I am imortal, and can not die” said the mournful god, raising his chin proudly (for all gods are too proud!).

“And who you are you? I have never met you before”

“Oh! You would have never seen me, I have been chained to this rock from the begining humans had fire. For I am the great Prometheus! I tricked the all mighty god Zeus! I gave Man fire! I married that silly good-for-nothing Pandora!”

“I see...” Loki said , thinking and skeeming fast (for that is what we was known for). “You are the most wisest of all the gods! God Prometheus, you should not have been set here to... be froze to madness. You should be in Zeuses place!”

“YES! You talk much sense.”

“You should be teaching Man... more brilant things!”

“You are brilant... and who by chance are you?”

Loki laughed, “I am Loki, the trickiest of all trickster's! And I am going to free you”.

“You are!” Prometheus exclaimed joyfully.

“But... You must promise to help me, with a new trick I have planned for the gods” Loki looked at Prometheus sternly, a gods promise was... let us say Imortal.

Prometheus smiled, a glint in his dark black eyes “I promise”




Zeuss, Odin, Osiris and Izanagi were sitting around a table, playing a game like poker.

“I believe it is your turn” Izanagi the all father Japaness god said, looking at Osiris the Eygptsian god.

In comes Hermes, his winged shoes flapping like hurricans,

“ZEUSS!” said Hermes gasping for breath.

A beautiful goddess bursts through the doors, looking anxios and frazled, “ODIN!”

Zeuss and Odin jumped up at the same time, “What?” They both asked anxiosly.

“What has Loki done this time, Frigg” Said Odin.

“Oh my dearest husband! He.. he...” said Frigg her voice fading away, as the thought seemed to be too terrible.

“He's released Prometheus Zeuss! He's saved, PROMETHEUS!”


“You know the god that you put on the mountian, and then you put an eagle on him to eat out his liver for etenity?”

“Oh him! WHAT!!!!”

“Loki has released him sire!”

Frigg started to cry angrily, “That naughty... naughty god! He just can't help himself” she sobbed. Odin went over and patted his wifes back confortingly

“The real question is... What is he going to do with Prometheus? He wouldn't just save some one out of kindness or pitty” Odin said grimmly, he looked to Osiris and Izanagi “Your help would be greatly appretaited.”

“We are not going anywhere till this is worked out” Said Osiris gracesiously.

“This is all your fault!” Zeuss said angrily at Odin.

“Now, now! This is how great gods go into war against each other. And its not MY fault. Its thats gaint born trickster's fault,” he sighed and turned to whisper to Frigg, “I knew we should have outcasted him long ago!”

“He's one of yours! So that makes him your responsablity, which means its YOUR FAULT!” Zeuss yelled, the clouds they were standing on started to rumble and crackle with thunder and lightning.

“Its YOUR fault that you put Promethues on a mountain for the whole world to see! No wonder Loki found him!” Odin yelled back, His greying beard trebling in anger, His eyes burned and all about him seemed to become still.

“Its no ones fault! But the two trouble makers” Izanagi said putting a hand on both of the gods shoulders, “We are all friends.”

“Fighting won't get us any where.” agreed Osiris standing up from his golden and bejeweled thrown, “What we need now, is to get all of the gods together to find out whats going on.”

Odin sighed with frustration, “I agree” he said calmly, “We need to act wisely. I shall go to Asgard and round up my imortals. Frigg,” Odin turned holding out his arm, Frigg jumped up from the soft clouded floor she had been crying on and grasped his forearm, like it was the only thing stable in the room, “ Izangi, Osiris,” Odin nodded politely, “Zeuss” Odin added with a voice so cold, that it could freeze any frost giant.



Meanwhile, Loki and Promethues stood thinking before Mimir, the cut off head of a giant in Jotunheim, and his well of wisdom.


“Oh powerful Mimir!” Loki said bowing infront of the large sevred head, “We come for knowlage”

“AND WHYEST GODS, DO YE WANTEST KNOWLAGE” Boomed the head in a deep rumbling voice

Promethues stood chin held high, “I am not a God, I am a Titian,” he braged.

“Shhh!” Loki turned on him, his eyes aglow in the dark outcove, the only light was from the well that sat between the gods (or “Titian” and god) and the giant head, “Great Mimir, I think you are wise enough to know why I want the water” Loki grinned at the thought of his plan.


“Alright mighty Mimir, I am warned, now how do I get some of the water?”


“I knew that” Loki said impatiently, “Thats why I have this 'Titian' with me, whatever you want ,I will give you.”


“Not again!” Promethues whined, “Fine!” Promethues grabed Loki's knife and stabed his almost healed wound. He cut a small chunk of flesh off himself, whincing a little, and grabed a large organ that was a deep blue, dripping with golden blood, “Here! Have it! It was infected with Cryptosporidiosis anyway!” The Titian said with a shrug.

The Gaints mouth opened, indacating that Promethues should throw the liver into the large red gaping pit. Promethues threw the liver discus style, and it was swallowed whole by Mimir.


“Magic, the use of magic” Loki said with a grin, he snaped his fingers and behind him, fifty men and fifty women appeared out of no where, looking confused and scared. Loki started to raise up a large bucket from the shining well, the water shimering and sparkeling brightly, as it slushed back and forth. And Loki and Promethues went to work, making sure no one was left out.



“Why can't we just walk down there and pound the two's guts out” asked Thor, he's deep booming voice matching Zeusses.

“Because!” Odin said with exasperation, “Its Loki. You know that he would just worm his way out of that faster then you could say Nifheim. And whats worse... he's using a outcasted god to help him!”

“Titian” The tall beautiful Athena corrected, she wore a helmet atope her fair hair, which she had up in complecated breads. An owl sat birched on her shoulder, looking at them with its large all seeing eyes.

“He is?” Zeuss asked with astonishment.

“Father! Oh how could you forget! I think Dionysus should stop visiting you everyday?” Athena said knowingly.

“He doesn't-” Zeuss began to argue but Osiris cut in,

“It doesn't matter at the moment. Could we just focus on getting Nut to tell you whats going on!”

“We're not using your silly sky goddess!” Hermes argued, “Everyone knows! I'm the one to do this kind of thing.”

“She's not 'Silly' she's my mother! Don't you think it would be easier to do it that way?”

“Don't you think it would be easier to look from the floor” Athena said sacasticly, bending down, pushing away some clouds, showing the world below.

“How are we going to see from this height?” asked Hermod, Odin's son and messanger for the Norse gods.

“Here sires, and mistrisses” said Hephaestus the black smith of the greek gods, he limped over to where Zeuss stood smiling proudly at him, “a divice I have been working on to help you all see far distances,” (It was what we call today, a teloscope, just to let you know, but you probaby already had thought about it) Hephaestus put a golden straw looking thing in his father's hands, “Does it apease you sire?” Hephaestus asked anxiosly, looking down at his twisted and crinkled leg. All the gods and goddesses leaned in to look at the pretty divice.

“How does it work?” asked Apollo, the greek sun god and god of music, his voice was fair, meant for singing lovily songs.

“Well isn't that obvios” Athena said, taking the golden teloscope out of Zeuses hands, and putting it up to her eye, “Hmm...” she said looking through the small end, “Its alright” she shruged. Hephaestus shuffeled his feet, his face bimming proudly at Athena's praise ( which was very honoured, even 'Alright' from her would man that she was impressed and liked it). Zeus snatched it out of Athena's hands and put the big end to his eye. Athena shook her head and turned the teloscope around.

“Aw!” Zeuss said with relization, and then smiled, pleased with thr nice view the golden stick gave.

“Can I see?” Odin asked politley, his hand outstreched. Zeus sighed with exasperation and handed over it over, with much reluctance, “Thank you,” Odin put his only eye (the other eye he had given to Mimir, for a drink of all wisdom) to the lense and gasped in shock at how clear his vision through the small piece of glass was, “This is extraordinary! Thor! You see into this!”

Thor shouldered his way up to the Teloscope and looked into it, his eye's heat melted the top of the golden teloscope, making the eye hole disfigured and shrunken looking.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO IT!” Zeus yelled at him. Athena next to him, looked like she was going to laugh.

“I DIDN'T MEAN TO!” Thor shouted back at him, as furiosiosly if not more. The clouds and the air was split by lightning bolts and thunder, as both Thunder and Lightning gods argued with each other.

“STOP!” yelled Izanagi, Odin, Athena and Osiris.

“We need to calm down!” Osiris said anxiosly looking from Thor to Zeus, both murderessly angry.

“We must put brains before brute!” Athena wisely said, her wol hooting in agreement.

“We must not fight amogst each other, that would just make the situation worse” Izanagi said, rising his voice so that it could be heard over the thunder.

Odin took a long shaking breath, while trying to calm himself, “You two are pickering like mortal men! The Golden Seer is not offcialy distoryed, is it Hephaestus?” Heppaestus looked at it criticly, looked through it, then smiled, “It is usable! It actuelly looks styled this way.”

“See!” Odin said with a smile, “We don't have to fight for everything!”

Thor looked away from Zeusses face and smiled, “I didn't ruin it?”

“You did!” Zeuss shot nastily at him, “But it still works... Sorry for... well you know.”

“Yeah, sorry” agreed Thor, then whispered to himself “For nothing.”

“We need to figure out who will look with it” Athena said, standing next to Hephaestus, “Without fighting for it!” she added as Ares the greek war god, shouldered his way to the Golden Seer. Ares stoped, and then was pushed back by all the other gods, trying to reach the teloscope first.

Athena and Odin slaped their foreheads and shaked them in exasperation, “DESIST!!!” they yelled. The gods and goddesses didn't stop or even look, for they didn't hear because they were argueing and waming each other with their weaponds.

Izanagi and Osiris walked over to Odin and Athena, Izangi with his arms crossed frustratedly over his chest, and Osiris with his hands on his hips, shaking his head at the dog pile of gods.

“This has got to stop” Izanagi said reaching Odin's side.

“Agreed! The whole world be battling with itself, if this is kept up” Osiris agreed.

Odin just stood and watched with a sour look on his face, and was silent.

“Everyone becomes blind when emotions start battles” Athena said, her hand on her sword.

“Then we are all blind when we step into battle, for it is always controled by the wreched thing” Odin anwsered cooly, turning round to look at her with his one eye, “We must stop this! Can we find some mortal or half mortal, that doesn't care about it?”

“What a wonderful idea!” Athena exclaimed, “Why didn't I think about that before!”

“But who?” Izanagi asked cuiriously.

“Paris” Athena anwsered walking away and then down the clouded steps.

“Who?” the other three gods asked.

“You know, Paris” Eros the love god- also referred to as Cupid- said, landing infront of them, and folding his feathery wings, “Paris disided which goddess wass prettier and Aphrodite was choisen because she would give him a wife almost as beautiful as her.”

“Oh... Yes I read that in your history book” Osiris nodded, “Good story.”

Athena came back a man following her. He had a white beard and looked rather old, having wrinkles and eyebrows that looked so bushy that hummingbirds could nest in them.

“STOP!!!!!” Athena bellowed, all the Gods and Goddesses turned to look, and gaped in surprise, “Paris will look through the Golden Seer, and no else!”

All of them started to complain, but Odin held up a hand, “How low have our feet already sunken from the clouds? Lets not bicker amognst ourselves, we are not men! WE ARE GODS! Aren't we suppost to act wisely and godly for mortal? Really! Now we need a man to look for us, because we can't stop fighting over it like two little boys who want a toy! Please... let us be wise on this matter!”

All was silent, and Paris silently went up to the teloscope and looked .




Of course, you must already know what met the old man Paris's eye. And you must already now what the reaction from the gods was like. But to go on, in the way we've been reading, would not be wise. The next scene would have been very bloody and gruesum, lots of killing and slashing and smashing, very stormy and confusing. If I did go on with my narration you would start to think ill of the writer.


Now, you must want to know who I am, correct?

I am the Reader's Compainion not the “Narrator”

So many people refer to me as the “Narrator”, because they say the Reader's Compainion is a narrator, well...okay I am a narraror, but I'd like to be called

the Reader's Compainion

Okay I think you got it!


But this story is not about me, sadly, Its about three young wizards, well more like one wizard in perticular. Mark Blaid, a boy of twelve, who felt very strange and different...





What do you think?

I don't know If I'm going to finish this story. But I love myths, and I loved the Harry Potter series, so I wanted to do something with both my favorite things. And here it is! LOL!

Hope you enjoy it!

I don't know when chapter one is going to be finished though!

Write on!

Kassady | Sat, 01/08/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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