You know you have a big family when...

An Essay By Kassady // 8/18/2010

Hi Guys,

I've seen sooooo many "You know it when"s and I want to make one! Now I have a family of five children so... I don't know how close I will be, It might be that it is only what i think. I know that there are family's on here with much bigger family's (like a faimly of Thirteen!)

Well I hope you can relate to at least some of theese...

Hope you like it:


You know you have a big family when: 

1:You hide behind the couch so that you don't have to do the dishes.


When 2 : You at least have one chatter box that loves you and won't leave you alone


 When 3 : You somedays feel like exploding our locking up your one year old little brother (who is going through the house like a tornado)


When 4: The living room is only clean for ten minute's at a time


When 5: You no longer fit in a minnie van comfortable


When 6: You have to wait in line to wash hands before dinner


When 7: You have to vacoom under the table three times a day


When 8: You go to the store people ask "Are all these beautiful children your's?"


When 9: Your little brother with long curly hair is told " Oh your a lovely little princess"


When 10: You hear every one's name but yours, when your being called for


When 11: You have to ask your brother "How old are, agian?"


When 12: Dinner is made by many hands not two


When 13: You have to babysit your siblings while your mom goes to the store


When 14: You have to keep on reminding your sister to knock

When 15: You don't lock any door's even the bathroom ( "Because there might be a fire, and we might not be able to get to you in time")


When 16: You count everyone before leaving a store


When 17: You have to double sometimes triple a recipe to serve everone at meal time


When 18: You have to draft and save your blogs on AP because your afraid that " by accident" one of your siblings might delete it.


Well, that's it, but I know I'm missing many more things :D! Please add some of your own!


Write on!







You find suspicious items strewn all over the floor that did not come from you, but looks like a product of experimentation and is quite scary and glowish. :o)

Madeline | Thu, 10/06/2011

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

 In the airport at passport

 In the airport at passport control people say, "Oh it's the --- family, like the Duggars!" 

The crazy thing about when that happened is that we don't consider our family that big and we only had 3 of us kids (out of 4) with us at the time. So of course my mom couldn't resist saying "and there's one more back home!" 

Kyleigh | Sat, 10/08/2011

At a street fair at a sock

At a street fair at a sock booth (us girls were absent):
My mom: daughter's shoe size is 6...which pair of socks do you think will fit her better?
Saleslady: Let's see...[gives her preference/knowledge of socks]
My mom: Okay, and I have another one with size 4 ccould you give me a good sock for that size?
Saleslady: Well I think...[helps her out again]
My mom: And then I have anoth-
Saleslady: How much do you have?!
My mom: Just four.

And that's when you know you have a "big" family. Although I haven't heard anyone compare us with the Duggars yet...;)

Lucy Anne | Fri, 10/12/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson


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