Unrequited Love

A Poem By Kyleigh // 3/27/2008

Unrequited Love
Unrequited love,
Nailed upon a tree.
Broken hands,
Holding me.

Unrequited love,
A traitor to His law,
Deserving death for disobedience,
His forgiving what He saw.

Unrequited love,
Nailed upon a tree.
Fading lungs,
Giving breath to me.

Unrequited love,
Wrapped up in a sheet.
Arms drawing me,
To dance to a different beat.

Unrequited love,
Sealed into a grave.
Eyes boring into mine,
Daring me to be brave.

Unrequited love,
Bursting forth in glorious day.
I fall down upon my knees,
Without anything to say.

Unrequited love,
My brokenness forever gone,
This wretched sinner that He chose,
Breaking out in joyful song.

Unrequited love,
Reaches down to me.
He sings of life forever,
From a cross that set me free.

Unrequited love,
Nailed upon a tree.
Unrequited love,
Paid the price for me.


Just beautiful. When you

Just beautiful. When you look at each word and feel the love that poured from Him to us it is hard to comprehend that kind of love.
Keep writing Kyleigh, you have a God given gift.
I am Madeline L's Omie

Anonymous | Sat, 03/29/2008


Thats good! :P

Velocity | Sat, 04/12/2008

The Truth will set you free.

When I showed it to my mom

When I showed it to my mom she thought it was beautiful.

do you have an e-mail?
mine is [email protected]

Hannah | Thu, 05/29/2008


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