The Adventures of the Cd & The Adventures of the Computer

Fiction By Laura Elizabeth // 8/22/2009


The Adventures of The Compact Disc

The PressWriter Compact Disc had some amazing adventures, which I will here relate:

He was made from some sort of material which I am not sure of; maybe it was plastic. He was put through some strange machine, and he suddenly felt very strange: he had information in him! This made him very puffed up, and he thought that he had more information in him than any other compact disc. He did not realize that he was only one of about a thousand other compact discs who had exactly the same information put into them at the same time. Then he and a few other, different compact discs (though they were in the same family) were put into a cardboard box which had been printed with bright, beautiful colors. The compact disc was excited about being in such a pretty transportation device, but he found that the inside was only a single shade of brown, and rather ugly. The compact disc sighed almost the whole time he was in his plain white envelope inside the beautiful-on-the- outside, ugly-on-the-inside, box. He felt his box being lifted into something, then heard a loud noise, and then a sound of wheels. He was going on a journey! This cheered him up for a few seconds, but, as he was dreadfully cramped in his plain white envelope, he stopped being cheerful almost immediately. At last, he stopped, and he heard the sound of a loud clanging and banging; then his box was picked up and taken somewhere, and he was crammed into something. He could not even see the ugly brown inside of his box it was so dark. A few hours later, he was picked up, and taken somewhere on wheels. Afterwards, he heard a strange noise, and then light came into the box. A hand came into view through the opening in the box, and slowly lifted out one of the compact discs (not the one our story is about). Then several others were taken out, and the poor compact disc was certain that he would be left in the box forever and ever. He could hear a rumbling noise coming from the owner of the hand, and could make out the words, "Where is it? Bother!" Then, to his utter terror, his box was put upside down, and he slid out onto a soft thing, with floral prints. It was much prettier than the outside of his box, but he thought, "I know how that is! It is ugly on the inside." He did not know that it was a double sided bedspread, and the other side was just as pretty. He was taken out of his plain white envelope, and he found himself close up to a large face with round things around its eyes, eyes which were squinting at him. "Oh," said the person. "This is it. Billy, install it for me, please. You know I'm no good with things like that." A smaller person, but still very large to the compact disc, took him from the larger large person, and put him in a tray sort of thing; the compact disc remembered that he had been in the same sort of thing when they put information in him. "Oh no!" he thought with a terrible apprehension. "What if they're about to take the information out of me!" he spun dizzily around and around in the dark after that for a very long time. Vague noises came from outside the tray holder, and then he stopped spinning, and he could think clearly again. He suddenly realized that he still had the information in him, but also that the same information was in the computer! His excitement was great as they took him out of the tray, and put him back in the plain white envelope, and then in the beautiful- on-the-outside, ugly-on-the-inside box. The box was closed, and he was in the dark again. He sighed. "Now what? Maybe it'll happen all over again." so he waited and waited for days and days. But nothing happened. Then, the box was torn open, and he saw a face, smaller than that of Billy's, but still very large up to his. A gurgling, unintelligable noise came from this small large person, and he found himself picked up roughly, and the plain white envelope was ripped off. More gurgling came from the person, and then he was grabbed in both the person's hands, and broken in half! The last thing he thought was, "Well, at least my information is somewhere else as well!" and that is the sad end of the adventures of the PressWriter Compact Disc.

The Misfortunes of the Computer

The laptop computer (his name was Compaq Armada E500, but we will call him just Compaq) was at first not a computer. He was merely a whole lot of little pieces which were made on an assembly line, checked to make sure they were right, then put together. Compaq was all black on the outside, and he had fantastic, marvelous little bits of things inside him which were silver, or red, or something like that. He thought himself very grand, until he realized that every other computer had the same things, and some were even nicer than he. He sulked for a long time, then gave that up because it was boring to sulk. After he was completely assembled, he was taken to a WalMart store and put on display. This was nice, especially when he saw that there were only a few other computers on display with him, and that he was different from them all. "We must be of a special, elite kind of computer!" he thought. "I wonder if anyone will buy me." Sure enough, someone did. The person brought him to his house, and there worked with getting all the plugs plugged in, and everything installed. A smaller person, whom the first person called Levi, used the computer a lot. There were some other computers in the same room, which Compaq tried to talk to, but they merely stared at the wall, and said nothing. After several years, Compaq was not as nice as he had been: his hinges had broken, so a piece of cardboard was taped to the lid and this propped it up. He went slower than the more modern kind of computers, and could not do as much, but still he worked. Then, he heard Levi talking on the telephone, and figured out that he was going to be given away! A new place to see! Perhaps he would be the only computer in the house! Or better, he might be in an office, where someone did important things on him. He was taken to some place, and there another man took him from Levi's father, and then brought him home, where a person about Levi's age took him and exclaimed over him. He thought, "Oh, bother! There are two other computers here. Oh well, at least they are all in different rooms than I am, so they can't look down on me for being older and not as modern." As a matter of fact, the two other computers were not much younger than himself, but he never found that out. He worked hard for the new person, whose name was William, and kept on going. William took very good care of Compaq, but one day, something happened: his cord broke! For a long time, he was not used, but at last William put a new cord in him, and used him again. Compaq was very happy, until the little prong on the cord broke, and was left inside where it could not be gotten out. After a while, his battery died, and he remembered nothing more for the rest of his days. (By the way, a lot of the keys on his keyboard were taken off by one of William's little siblings, and the lid broke off, I think.) Thank you for reading about Compaq with me. This was a true story.


Aww!  The poor compact disc! 

Aww!  The poor compact disc!  What a way for him to go.   (I used to take the keys off the keyboard and rearrange them so that people who didn't use them a lot would get confused.)

Bridget | Mon, 08/31/2009

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