Kreen Aktin by William Andrews-Chapters 1-5

Fiction By Laura Elizabeth // 6/6/2011

Hello, everyone! My brother (who is now sixteen) wrote this book when he was eleven or twelve. I thought it was really imaginative, as well as funny. I hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Chapter 1

A huge ship raised anchor. Aboard her was a crew with cut-throat pirates. The captain of the ship was named Kreen Aktin, or that's what he wanted people to call him. I don't know his real name.

"All hands on deck, or I will squeeze your necks!" came the voice of Kreen Aktin.
He made up rhymes once and awhile, and when he did, they were pretty dumb. Everyone came up, and Kreen Aktin said,
“We are in search of treasure, and whoever doesn’t listen to me, squeezing their neck will be a pleasure.”
He especially liked the words,
“Squeeze your neck.”
So everyone listened, and Kreen Aktin said,
“We are in search of gold, that has been long lost. It’s on the lost Island of Atlantis. If any die I’m gonna squeeze yer neck, ‘cause we need all the men we have. So be careful not tu die, er you’ll be in trouble. Now I want you to get prepared, so when the time comes you won’t be scared. We’re going to have to take some underwater channels to get there, so you’ll have to hold your breath for a powerful long time.”
Kreen Aktin told them, with many more rhymes, about things that they would encounter.
“To be prepared, we need to get some sword fightin’ in,” said one of the pirates, and drew his cutlass.
Soon the deck was echoing with the sound of metal against metal. The man at the wheel fought while trying to turn the heavy wheel.
After the practice, everyone ate, and Kreen Aktin went to the top of the mast, and kept lookout. Suddenly, he called out,
“Ship off the starboard bow, get prepared for battle. Raise the flags, the pirates ones. Aye, mates, load the cannons.”
So for the next few minutes, everyone was busy, and by that time, they were within cannon range of the enemy ship. It had a pirate flag, and ten cannon.
Soon they were close enough to board her, and they did.
Kreen Aktin drew his cutlass.
“So, ya’ll are pirates too! On guard!”
And he clashed his cutlass onto a nearby pirate’s cutlass, did a twist, pulled backward, and thrust forward. The pirate he was fighting fell dead. Then he ran forward as fast as he could, hacking here and there at pirates. Then one started sword fighting the first mate, who was a bad fighter. Kreen Aktin kicked his first mate out of the way, and he blocked a sword-stroke aimed to cut his head off, and thrust upward, starting at the bottom of the pirate’s throat.
“Ha hu, you should of learned to fight.”
He turned to another pirate, aimed a blow at his head and whacked forward, but the pirate’s cutlass was blocking it.
Then the two started sword fighting.
“I’m gonna beat you, and first I’m gonna whack your shoe.”
He aimed a blow at the shoe, then tricked the pirate by lunging forward with the sword. The fighting was over soon after it had begun, and Kreen Aktin and his men won, took the ship, and gave their huge, heavy, ragged one to the other pirates. This one they had captured was much lighter and faster, and Kreen Aktin commented,
“This ship is much better, and now first mate, hand me that paper.”
For the first mate was holding some old browned paper. On it was sketched a map. The map they already had stopped at the point that this one started. There was a small island to the left of the map, and it had a circle, not an X. The cirlce was on a hill, and near the bottom was an arrow that pointed to the right. If you looked across the map where the arrow pointed, you would find another small arrow under the water, and then another cirlce under the water. There was much more to the map that I would explain now if I needed to, but this is what the pirates were looking at.
The first mate, who was the smartest on the ship, was assigned the duty of figuring out what it meant, or it ‘would be Kreen Aktin’s painful duty to squeeze his neck’. Soon, they had all been assigned to their places, and they set off toward the island that the map showed.

Chapter 2

Soon they were past the land shown on the regular map, and now had to use the one the first mate had found (he had found it in a cabin that he wanted to be his, but Kreen Aktin wanted o find anything else in the cabin which might be useful). Soon they found the island, and Kreen Aktin and five other pirates went on shore. One was the first mate whose name was John Deraro. Suddenly John Deraro said,
“I have it! That circle and those lines mean a hole, and an underwater channel!”
“Aye, I believe you do, mate. Drester can go back to the ship, and tell the people on the ship what the rest of us are doing.”
So Drester got in a small boat, paddled to the ship, and the pirates on land started toward the hill with the map, and found where the cirlce was shown. It was a rock.
“It’s just an old rock,” said Kreen Aktin.
“We haven’t looked under yet, though,” said one of the pirates.
So Kreen Aktin (he said he’d squeeze your neck if you didn’t include Aktin in his name) lifted the rock, and there was a piece of wood. Kreen Aktin pulled it off, and there was a hole that went all the way to the bottom of the hill.
“Aye, mates, this is probably the way to Atlantis. GET IN!”
They scrambled in, for Kreen Aktin had found some old steps. They went down, and Kreen Aktin drew his sword.
“Fools, draw thy swords, or you will be called a coward and a pacifist by me!” yelled Kreen Aktin, and added, “And I’ll squeeze yer necks!”
They did quickly, when a voice from the shadows said,
“Trrrrrravelerrrrrs, arrrrrre you hungrrrrrrry? I have plenty of food forrrrr you.”
Kreen Aktin turned and saw an old woman, who was kind of stooped, and had a long pointed nose. He thought at first that she was a ghost, and that she was a human, then decided she didn’t look like either, and then decided she was both.
“Hag, I will not eat of your slimy, gooey, pois’nous food. Haaaaaa!”
And he brought his sword down, but the whatever-it-was was too quick, and with a triumphant gleam in her eyes, draw a small dagger, and rushed at Kreen Aktin, but Kreen Aktin swiped her head off at one blow, and the head started rolling.
“This is not level floor, and surely this is the road to Atlantis,” said Kreen Aktin, and they walked forward.

Chapter 3

Kreen Aktin struck a light, for now the hole was getting darker. Soon, it was so dark that they could not even see the light, and Kreen Aktin had to assure them that it was still there by telling them he could feel the heat coming from it. Soon, he put it out. Then they started walking on a flat surface, and they could walk without fear. Suddenly, they came out of the mountain, and for a breathtaking instant, thought they would drown, for they were way at the bottom of the sea.
It was about ten times as deep as the deepest sea area you have ever heard of. But then, Kreen Aktin found that he could breathe and talk, and he had a strange feeling about it. This place was giving him the creeps.
They came into a place, where on their left was a rock wall that had sea weed growing between cracks, and Kreen Aktin said that a few of the weeds looked an awful lot like flimsy bones. He looked around in fear while the others were trembling so that they could hardly move.
“I am Shorshoramot, and I’m hungry. Come here!” said a voice from behind Kreen Aktin.
He turned, and drew his cutlass, and was about to say,
“On guard!” when he saw it’s huge size. It was at least ten feet tall, and had a man’s head, a lion's body, an eagle's claws, and the rest of him was bull. It was wielding a huge axe, and so Kreen Aktin plucked up his courage, and shouted in a voice much more brave and defiant than he ever had,
"On guard, you big fat slob!"
And he drew his sword, and ran at the monster with all his might, swung the hardest blow he could, and ever had, and the monster fell over in surprise at the force of the blow. The sword broke, but the monster only got a gash in his legs.
"Mates, hurry, bring me a sword!"
Kreen Aktin turned his head, but they were gone. They had deserted him. But, one had dropped a pistol, and another had dropped a thick cutlass. The pistol wasn't loaded, and he did not know that. He pulled the trigger, and since he was so dumb, forgot that pistols make a BANG, and thought it had not harmed the creature, so he took the cutlass, jumped the highest jump he ever had, and drove the sword into it's eye, and gave the sword a twist that gashed its one eye out.
It howled in pain, and no one has ever seen is since. He kept going, and loaded the pistol.
"If I have to do it myself, I will."
He went around many twists and curves, and eventually came to a cave that seemed to be the end of the tunnel, but he soon found a little door, and went in it. But he suddenly stopped. There was a beautifully carved box in the center of the room he had entered, but there were those hag things all around, and there was also one of the kind of monsters he had fought, and creatures I couldn't describe, and even if I could, I wouldn't.
He stepped back into the cave, but then thought,
"Even if I die, I will have died a hero."
So he stepped into the room, sword drawn, and went right up to the ugliest one, and said,
"On guard you devil!"
But not a one of them moved. He touched one, but they were dead, and put there to scare people. He went up to the box. It was locked, so he gave it a hard stroke with his sword and it broke the lock. He lifted the lid. There was dust in it, but under it he dust was a square thing that looked like a book.
He opened it, and there was a piece of gold, rather large, with these words carved on it, in fiery letters:
Stranger, if you seek gold, go through the door on the left, in which is another box which will tell you what to do next.
So he went through the door, and again were the dead monsters, and there was a box in the middle of the room, and there was a coin in it that said,
Go down.
He didn't see any trap door to go down, so he moved the box, and there it was.
He opened it, and this time, he was in the sea again and he saw the level that they had been on before, and he was so far below that the tunnel, (which had sides made out of rock) looked like a pebble. Suddenly, he saw a big box, and he landed right beside it. He opened it up, and there was gold. But at the top was a little note that said:
You have to make the ogre take this gold up and give you a saucer to ride on for you outwitting him.
He suddenly heard a voice behind him.
"You have to beat me at chess."
Kreen Atkin put on a grin, because he knew how to play chess very well, and this was the ogre.

Chapter 4

An hour later, Kreen Aktin had the ogre’s king checkmated, so the ogre had to bring him back to the ship, along with the gold, and Kreen Aktin hanged a few of the pirates who had deserted him, and they set sail. On the third day of the homeward journey, Kreen Aktin saw a huge head appear, and then a long scaly body, and the thing, (which was a sea serpent) jumped very high, and with a huge splash, hit the water. Then it’s head went up, and it’s mouth opened wide, and flames poured out of it’s mouth, catching a mast on fire.
Kreen Aktin jumped over the rails of the ship at the sea monster, while the people on the ship put out the fire.
“Haaaaaaaaaa! Die, you foul serpent!” yelled Kreen Aktin at the top of his voice, and he hacked furiously at it’s head, but not one scale even got scratched; and then he jabbed at it’s eye, but it was hard as rock.
Suddenly, it opened it’s mouth, and swallowed up Kreen Aktin.

Chapter 5

The monster carried Aktin (oops, sorry, forgot to call him KREEN Atkin) deep underwater, frequently gulping in huge amounts of water, which would whack him in the face. He was starting to get kind of sick of it. He picked up a piece of half-digested wood, and another, and another, and blocked up it’s throat. Soon, the water would only trickle in through cracks. But the sea monster did not exactly like that. It started twisting, and turning, and making quick lurches forward, jarring him around. Suddenly, he banged his head on a piece of wood, and was unconscious.

When Kreen Atkin woke, he found that the monster had gotten the pieces of wood away from his throat, and was traveling pretty quickly. He decided to try to make his escape then and there. He ran through its long neck, hacking at the side of its neck as he ran. He got to the teeth, and hacked at one. It fell out of its mouth, and he hacked at the next one. That was a mistake. The tooth was rooted firmly, and his sword broke in half. Blood poured out of the tooth. He rammed the butt of his single shot pistol into another. The creature was howling rage. He fired at another tooth.
It went from perfectly good to a hole through it in a second. Kreen Aktin was suddenly pushed back down it’s throat by something large, purple, and slimy. Kreen Aktin bit it as hard as he could, and then regretted it. It was the sea monster’s tongue. Suddenly the tongue wrapped around his body and hurled him out of it’s mouth like a rocket. He sped through the water, his arms straight at his side, his legs stiff behind him. He rammed into a hammerhead shark. The huge beast rolled over dead.
“I must be going fast,” he thought. “And my head feels ten times as large.”
Kreen Aktin suddenly stopped, in fact so suddenly that it scared him. He was near some kind of an underwater island.
Suddenly, he realized that he was breathing. He looked around, then up. He was surprised to see the water above him. It was like holding a fish tank above your head and seeing water above you, and air all around. He opened his mouth. Hot air came into his mouth instantly. He felt more awake than he ever had before. He also felt taller, though he probably wasn’t. He walked up to the island. While he was going, he realized that there was nothing under his feet but air.
“This is a queer place,” he whispered.
He was shocked to hear his voice echo so loud, that the whole island shook, and a tree fell over here and there.
He whistled. That was a bigger mistake. Lava shot out in all directions from the big mountain at the top.
“My goodness!” he said.
The mountain toppled over. Kreen Aktin walked up to the island when the lava-spewing volcano had subsided. He walked up to the toppled mountain, and inspected the opening. It was deep, but he could see light out of the other side since it had toppled. He walked through it till he got out the other side, then looked at the hole in the ground that the volcano had sat on moments ago. He looked down it. There was smoke and fire in it. Once in a while some lava shot dangerously close to the top. The sides of the hole were plastered with it.
Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a movement. He walked, crouching, slowly towards the movement, his back to the volcano.
“Show yourself, or I’ll turn you into an elf!” he boomed. And, yes, it boomed so loudly that, yes, you’re right. The volcano spewed out lava once again. None came near him, though, and he went forward, with the first half of his cutlass in his hand, and the other in his pocket.
Suddenly, a little man popped into view and mouthed,
“My, you’re big, matey.”
Kreen Atkin mouthed,
“My, you’re little...”
He never finished. His face went white. He looked like a dead man standing up.
“Brandon Erontson!” he almost screamed. “You walked the plank three years ago! What are you doing here?”
“Ah, thet’s me little secret, matey. But for now, it’s time ye had a wee bit of entertainment.”
The little man turned into a skeleton, laughed horribly, and led Kreen Aktin away.


Oh my.

Well, this was certainly interesting! Certainly none of my stories when I was eleven or twelve were this creative. I guess it highlights the differences between a little girl's and a little boy's minds! A girl would have had this story ending with Kreen Aktin finding the treasure, meeting a beautiful maiden from Atlantis, deciding to give up the treasure and stay with her instead, and living happily ever after or some such rot. Your brother is hilarious.

Tell me--is he terribly embarrassed of this story now?

Mary | Mon, 06/06/2011

Brother: Your character should drive a motorcycle.
Me: He can't. He's in the wilderness.
Brother: Then make it a four-wheel-drive motorcycle!

 No, he's not embarrassed of

 No, he's not embarrassed of it :D He likes it. There are some cowboy stories, however...

Anyways, this isn't the end. There are more chapters :) It's almost too bad he doesn't write anymore. He would probably make a good author. But he's more into making 3D models for video games.

Laura Elizabeth | Tue, 06/07/2011

The best stories are those that are focused, unassuming, and self-confident enough to trust the reader to figure things out. --


I love this. It reminds me lots of my brother... and Kreen Aktin is quite an amusing character.

Kyleigh | Tue, 06/07/2011

I have already....

I have already read this story before it was posted. Because I am Lauras Sister! :)

Sarah Anne | Wed, 06/08/2011

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