The Rescue of King Gale-Chapters 3 & 4

Fiction By Laura Elizabeth // 5/28/2011

The final chapters :) Pretty soon I'll be posting a story my brother wrote several years ago. It's pretty funny, at least I think it is.


Disclaimer: I own Thomas, the technician, and all the other NCK workers. Nothing else.

Thomas walked down the hall towards a door marked: Lab. Do Not Enter.
He knocked, and it was opened slightly. A short man with a balding head looked out.
"Oh, Kesdin," he said. "Come in."
Thomas entered, and the door was shut behind him. He blinked several times to adjust to the darkness. There were a few dim lights, and he could see all sorts of things on tables, each labeled. Most were weapons and transportation devices, but a few were things he could not recognize.
"Here is where we develop new devices and stuff like that," the man, whose name was Harry, said.
"I've been working on something for you. It should get you around whatever is blocking your entrance to that particular work of fanfic."
He took out something which looked similar to Thomas' transportation device, but much more heavy duty, and with a lot more buttons.
"Here's how you work it," he said. "First you put in your name, then your level. Let's see, you're a second level, right? Ok, and then you program in a password. Here."
Thomas put in a password and handed it back.
"Now, only you can know the password until it's reset or taken off. And this right here should make it where you can approach invisibly and silently. It should. If not, I'll have to fiddle around with it a little more. And then you put in the location and time you want to go to, and you're all set. Here you go."
Thomas took the device, weighing it in his hand. It was about twice as heavy as his regular one.
"Well, may the Lion be with you," said Harry, shaking Thomas' hand. "Go out into the Zone and try it out."
Thomas stepped into the Zone and punched in: Lone Islands. King Gale.
He felt very dizzy as he whirled through darkness, much more dizzy than he usually did when being transported. He thought,
"Something must be trying desperately to keep everyone out. That's why I feel so weird."

At last he came to a stop, so suddenly that he lost his balance and fell over.
"Now," he said out loud. "I need to find something to cover up my identity as a Canon Keeper. But first, I'd better call in and tell them I'm here."
"Kesdin, calling headquarters. Do you read me?"
He waited for a few seconds, but heard nothing.
"Do you read me?"
A crackling noise came through, but nothing more.
"Curses," Thomas said, as he switched the phone off. "This may turn out to be more serious than we thought. And now I can't even call in to get help or advice. I'm on my own, I guess."
As he put his phone away, he noticed where he was standing. He was once more in Narrowhaven, by the dockside, but it was completely deserted. As he looked around him, he saw scorched pavement and burned buildings.
"Come on, King Gale," he muttered. "Any time now."
Suddenly, off in the distance, he saw a burst of flame, followed by several more, and then a great shape rising up into the air, flying slowly towards him.

"Great," he moaned. "If that author keeps King Gale from arriving, I might have to kill the dragon myself. Where is everybody?"
He fingered his Sue tranquilizer, and wondered if it would work on a dragon.
"Probably not. Oh, that must be the king's ship!"
A large and magnificent vessel was sailing slowly towards the Lone Islands, rowing against the wind. As it pulled into the harbor, Thomas ran to meet it. First to step off the ship was a tall girl, dressed in a sky blue dress with sparkling sleeves and collar. Her eyes were a vivid green.
"She must be wearing contacts," thought Thomas in disgust. "Where's the king?"
"Oh, hello!" the girl said, in a slightly giggly voice. "I was just telling Gale here that it's a wonderful day for sailing. Where is everybody?"
Thomas stood with his mouth open. She was already on a first name basis... with the king! At last he realized how foolish he looked and said,
"I don't know where everybody is, actually. Are you from Narnia?"
"Well, no. I've just come from Canada. I doubt you know what that is..."
She suddenly broke off as she noticed his shirt and the insignia on it.
"NCK," she said. "They did say to watch out for that. What are you?"
Thomas thought fast.
"NCK?" he laughed. "Oh, well, um..."
He was saved by King Gale, who walked down the gangplank, hand on hilt. He looked rather giddy, and at first Thomas wondered if he had been drinking.
"It's just what a fanfic author like this would do," he thought. Aloud, he said, "Your majesty!" and bowed.
The king hardly acknowledged him, but in an instant was standing by the girl (Thomas could not think of her as anything but a Sue).
"My darling," he said. "Dost you see yonder dragon alightest uponest the ground?"
"Something's fishy here," said Thomas. "That fake talking. Grrr. Why can't people just leave well alone?"
He got his tranquilizer ready, and was about to aim it at the Sue when she jumped out of the way and grabbed King Gale's sword out of the sheath.
"Stop her!" shouted Thomas. "Your majesty, you are supposed to kill the dragon! C. S. Lewis said so!"
"Whatest is that that thee sayest to I?" asked the king foolishly, watching as his "darling" ran towards the dragon, sword in hand.
As she ran, she yelled,
"Haaaaaaaaaa! Foul dragon! I wilt kill thou for my true love!"
Thomas flew towards her and grabbed her arm.
"Stop!" he said. "The king is supposed to kill it!"
"Says who?" she asked. "Let go!"
"Lewis said so!" gasped Thomas, trying to wrest the sword from her. "Give me that sword!"
Suddenly, she drew herself up and said,
"Now I know who you are! I was warned of you! You are... NCK! The scourge of the freethinkers and, and, of people who want to have fun. Let me warn you, young man: I have unimaginable powers! I am..."
"A Mary-Sue!" finished Thomas. "But I doubt you can match me. I have this."
He aimed his tranquilizer at her and pulled the trigger. It jammed, and the Mary-Sue laughed a long, giggly, pink, Mary-Sue laugh, and turned to face the dragon...


Disclaimer: Why do we have to keep going through this? I thought I already told you: I don't own King Gale, Lone Islands, Narrowhaven, blah blah blah. I do own Thomas, the Mary Sue, and the tranquilizer gun, so on and so forth.

Thomas threw his tranquilizer down, muttering under his breath about,
"Malicious Sues and stupid guns that probably weren't even checked before being handed out."
He lit out after the Sue again and caught her arm. The dragon was just sitting there, watching them. At any moment, it might blast them with fire.
"Stop it!" Thomas said in desperation. "Why do you enjoy ruining stuff from Lewis' stories?"
She turned a glittery smile on him, her full Sue-dom revealed by now, and said,
"Cuz it's funny."
"If I had my Sue-Sploder Gun," said Thomas, grinding his teeth as he struggled to take the sword from the Sue.
"If you had whatever you're talking about, I would jam it, too," she said, grinning evilly and Sue-ishly.
"Hey, dragon!" shouted Thomas, remembering Reepicheep's words to Dragon Eustace. "Do you understand speech?"
The dragon just looked at him.
"Do you speak?"
"Well, it's idle to ask your business, but... just breathe fire on this Sue, please!"
The dragon blinked lazily, then opened its mouth. Thomas did not let go of the Mary-Sue.
"This is it," he thought. "I'm going to die right along side her, and probably my body will be splattered with pink glitter. Ugh. And no one will ever know what's happened to me. Well, I'll have died in the line of duty, and rid the world of another horrible Mary-Sue."
He reached for his phone one last time, and in so doing, touched his transportation device. The Sue had almost wrenched free again, and did not notice as he brought the device up, over her head, and then (he looked away as he did it), brought it smashing down on her head. She fell to the ground, but was not unconscious.
"My author will destroy you!" she shrieked.
Thomas jumped out of the way. It had all only taken about two seconds. The dragon was getting ready to breathe fire. He snatched the sword off the ground and ran as hard as he could towards King Gale, who was watching in a stupefied state at the goings on. Before he had reached him, he heard a roar, and then a crackle. He turned around and saw the Sue just going up in flames. The flames turned to pink fire, and glitter flew everywhere.
The blast knocked him off his feet, and everything went whirling round and round and round.
When at last he got to his feet again, King Gale was taking the sword from his hand. The foolishness had gone out of his face, and his eyes were bright and clear.
"On guard, foul dragon!" he cried. "No longer shalt thou terrorize the people of this island."
"I have to watch this before going home," thought Thomas, sitting down on the gangplank, along with the crew of the ship, who had watched in amazement everything that had been happening.
It was a fight well worth watching, and of course, the outcome was that the dragon lay dead at the king's feet. As soon as he saw that the fight was over, Thomas left, and soon found himself once again on the third floor of the NCK headquarters. A coffee shop was nearby, and he went there and sat down heavily. He was worn out. Suddenly, he heard a voice at his elbow.
"Thomas Kesdin?" it said.
He looked up, and saw Amy Burke.
"Hi, Amy," he said.
"You look tired," said Amy, sitting down across from him. "Have you ordered anything to eat or drink?"
"Yeah. It's coming up. That was worse than I thought it would be. What about your assignment?"
"It's over. Nothing happened on the Lone Islands, and someone else took over when they left. They got to travel on the Dawn Treader, too. I was green with envy."
When Thomas' coffee and donuts came, he told Amy about his adventures. Afterwards, when the higher ups read his report, they had him called into the office. It was marked: Authorized Personnel Only.
"Well, well, Kesdin," said the chief. "It looks like you are going to be promoted to 3rd level. Congratulations."




I love it! :) Especially this line and the others like it: "If that author keeps King Gale from arriving, I might have to kill the dragon myself. Where is everybody?"

Kyleigh | Sun, 05/29/2011

This was great.

I hope you write more about the Cannon Keepers.  I really enjoyed this episode.

James | Sun, 05/29/2011

"The idea that we should approach science without a philosophy is itself a philosophy... and a bad one, because it is self-refuting." -- Dr. Jason Lisle

Thanks, Kyleigh and James :)

Thanks, Kyleigh and James :) I may write more if inspiration hits. If anyone has any ideas, please tell them to me!

Laura Elizabeth | Mon, 05/30/2011

The best stories are those that are focused, unassuming, and self-confident enough to trust the reader to figure things out. --


I thought it was pretty good.

Julie | Mon, 05/30/2011

Formerly Kestrel

Yeah, she definitely wore

Yeah, she definitely wore contacts. :) Honeslty, sparkles are supposed to add what to a mission?

Anna | Thu, 06/02/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


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