Planet Wars Episode IV: An Old Hope | 9/17/2010
Planet Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Frogs | 8/5/2010
It Had to be Done | 7/24/2010
Planet Wars Episode II: The Attack of the Froggie | 7/7/2010
Planet Wars Episode I: The Phantom Doom | 6/3/2010
Shadows, Shadows | 6/3/2010

Age: 31

Favorite word(s): defenestration

Status: Homeschool Graduate

Who am I?

I've been homeschooled all my life and writing for a little more than half of it. Unfortunately for anyone wishing to know all about me, I seem to dislike writing about myself, so this probably won't be very long.

I play the piano when I remember to practice, and the recorder on even rarer occasions. I love classical music, computer games (especially RPGs), and good stories. Actually, sometimes I love cheesy stories too. It depends. I'm also a bit of a grammar freak; it might not bother me a lot when I see errors, but I do see them.

There's not much left to say about me...I love fantasy and science fiction and that's about all I write (although my science fiction tends to not be very science-y...). I've dabbled in poetry, but not very seriously. If I ever learn to draw, I will attempt a comic (not the funny sort) but so far I haven't wanted it badly enough to teach myself.


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