The Poor Little Goat

Fiction By Lexus // 5/14/2009

Once lived a poor, little goat. His name was 'Dots'. He was abandoned by his mother when he was born. The poor, little goat had to live in the house for one whole week. He had to take a bottle of milk every few hours. Once he was finally strong enough, Dots could go outside. All he could think of was "Yes! Finally some goats to play wit!" But he was wrong. When he was inside the fence, two other angry mother goats, were staring him down. Before he could run off... "Baaaaa!" He was always rammed the same way. When he was a couple of months old, he was finished with a bottle... Or so we thought.

This is a true story.



  Aww, this is so cute, Lexus...I'm on to the next chapter!!!!!!!!!

Jackie West | Tue, 05/18/2010


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