The Poor Little Goat Chapter Two

Fiction By Lexus // 5/19/2009

When Dots was taken off the bottle, he would cry and cry. In the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. The ramming from other goats continued, but he was so used to it, that it didn't hurt so bad. He even made friends with the other kid goats. But a couple months later he didn't feel so well. His owners tried to give him a bottle to make him feel better, but he just wouldn't drink it. His owners were very worried about him and rushed him to the vet as fast as they could.


The Poor Little Goat

Awwww, poor little goat. It sounds like an interesting story. You've built suspense with the last sentence...what was wrong with him? Is he okay? Can't wait to find out more about this little guy. You write well...good sentences, easy to read. Please tell us more!

Anonymous | Thu, 05/21/2009

Thanks So Much!

Thanks for the comment! Chapter Three is coming soon!

Lexus | Sun, 05/24/2009


Awwwww! The poor little

Awwwww! The poor little goat!

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Bridget | Fri, 06/12/2009

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This is so cute!!!!!!

  This is so cute!!! I just hafta find out what's wrong with him.

  Good job!!!!!!

Jackie West | Tue, 05/18/2010


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