A Poem By little woman // 1/17/2011

<I was taking a walk by a lake near my home, watching the small pools of water lap away at the edges of the ice, when the words 'slow little ice-melting trickle' popped into my head. Here's the finished product. ~L.W.>


The slow little ice-melting trickle,

Liquifying that haughty stone,

That stands in cold white defiance,

Ignoring Winter's call to her own.





 I very much like this. The words are splendid. :)  marvellously done!

Renee | Wed, 01/19/2011

Wow I love this!

This was amazing! Each line, though small, had so much elegance and meaning! This was teriffic!

Kassady | Sun, 02/06/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

I promise I'll stop stalking your writing soon.

- But seriously. Ohhh my goshhh. You KNOW words. Really well. And not just words that fit definitions: I mean the sounds of them, more. If you say this aloud... Well, if I could show you what I mean in person, it would make sense. All I can explain it as, you have the s's and then hard t, k, q, and c's which make this amazing clicking sound, which ties in with sound of the droplets and the ice.

...And now that probably all sounded very weird.

Sarah Bethany | Sun, 12/30/2012

I don't mind :) Seriously

I don't mind :) Seriously though, I really like getting feedback.

I wish I could take credit for making it sound like that. But really, I just sort let things fit together the way they feel best. Is that terrible?

And no, it didn't sound weird.

little woman | Mon, 12/31/2012

The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen.
-G. K. Chesterton


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