The Way Things Are

A Poem By little woman // 4/23/2013

sometimes I wish
I'd never heard
a love song so sweet
or read a fairy tale
or wished upon a star
for then I wouldn't
feel these things
and think they might
be true.

a halting touch
across my arm
brushes across my mind
reminding me
of the way things were
and how I'd wish they'd be

maybe I'm not
the prettiest girl
or the one who dresses best
maybe I'm not
great at sports
or funny
or philanthropic
maybe I'm just
regular me
sticking out
for not being normal
and wishing you'd give
a few extra moments of your time
to a girl who's not
particularly special
but not quite normal

she watches the snow melt
by her door
she sees the clothes
laid on the floor

she sees the sky
so clear and blue
she sees the path
where an airplane flew

she see it all
but pays no mind
the only thing she notices
the thing she left behind

she cannot see the light
for all the empty spaces
spaces which held so many dreams
empty dreams in empty places

she thinks about
his hand
holding it
between both of hers

she thinks about
his eyes
warm and soft and deep
meeting hers across the room
filled with mirth

she thinks about him
and who she thinks she'll be
she thinks about futures
growing together
and taking root
between their hands
above their eyes

hearing a song
that beats in time
with your heart-blood
filling your head
flowing through veins
ebbing and growing
roaring and blowing
taking over your will
violent and gentle by turns
'till you give yourself up
and follow its whims
to collapse, exhausted
and yet unable to go on
without it

singing alone
to a face-empty crowd
pouring a song out
while the thump of your heartbeat
drowns out your voice
yet a stubborn streak still sings
hands are shaking, clammy and numb
the high note approaches-
you think you might crack
under the strain
but the world keeps on turning
other voices join in
you take a breath
and go on.


Ooh! More Poetry!

Love the last one! Very descriptive and very visual! I also loved VI, IV, II!!! Keep on writing! Love your poetry! Always so enjoyable.

Kassady | Wed, 04/24/2013

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Of course I have to

Of course I have to comment...

On III--how do you do that? Ah! You capture feelings so completely and perfectly. :) That one just felt like me at times. Loved it!

Oh, and the last one. So very relatable. Especially the high note part. I'm in voice, so I sing a couple songs about twice a year at recitals, and it's nerve-wrecking. LOL! So that was also very me!

Such great poetry! Keep it up! :)

Madeline | Fri, 04/26/2013