A Poem By LoriAnn // 2/9/2010


The treble clef sits like a cat
Watching the sharps and flats—
Like little dancing mice—
Point out the steps
For the notes
The song skips along
Mocking the lazy clef-cat
Who dangles her tail
Below the staff
She sniffs—nose in the air
Scenting the mincing music


AW sweet. I like it. It's bright and springy

Julie | Thu, 02/11/2010

Formerly Kestrel

For those of you who know me

For those of you who know me RL, this was written in orchestra music theory class. LOL--our teacher, Mrs. Harrison, has a way of drawing her treble clefs that look like cats sitting up there. So in between scribbling out the answers to our questions on intervals and such, I wrote this poem.

The assistent teacher, Owen, kept glancing over my shoulder like, "Shouldn't you be doing your work?" LOL

LoriAnn | Fri, 02/12/2010

So cute

This is a really adorable piece

Keri | Sun, 02/14/2010


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