The Lovely Blue

Atlas Thought- A collection of musings- Part 1 | 2/25/2013
Shadow Man -(1)- | 2/25/2013
The Lovely Blue )-2-( Prussian- The Being That She Is) | 2/5/2013
The Lovely Blue )-1-( Slate: In the Service of a Tyrant) | 2/5/2013
The Lovely Blue- Table of Contents | 2/5/2013
Say My Name | 1/27/2012

Age: 22

Favorite word(s): sagacity, colloquial, prudence, paranoia, alibi, Prussian, Machiavellian, resentment, rejuvenate, umber, vermillion, liable, fallacy

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

Myself and me, someone's whose life is set to the feeling of Radiohead. Hiding among subterranean aliens, hearing the morning bells and trying to keep optimistic, all while running from that which cannot be out run- the karma police.


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