Missing childhood’s home

A Poem By Christa // 8/22/2007

For so long my life sang quietly, steadfast and sure
Seasons came and went, suns rose and set
Monday became Sunday and memories all blur
Only delight of the mind proceeded untoward

Now it seems my mind is still
Too full of things to learn yet more
And when I look outside myself I find
The world has changed and changed some more

Where are those blessed childhood days
Spent walking over sunny hills?
I loved it then and I love them still
But I no longer know where to find
The quiet path winding though the fields


Where Does It Go?

I watch my children, and am reminded of the childhood I loved yet took for granted... I would love to find that world again. It would be wonderful to go back and cherish it like it deserved to be - to know what I had when I had it. Sadly, that is part of the beauty of childhood - we don't understand how fleeting it is for time stretches out forever before us...

Jenny | Fri, 08/24/2007

Most of us, in our young

Most of us, in our young days, have been continuously told to enjoy childhood because it is the reatest time of life and it it over in a blink of an eye. But you only realize the meaning of those words when it's over. Sad.

Anonymous | Fri, 11/30/2007

This poem is beautiful

This poem is beautiful; the last stanza... it summoned the tears I've been needing. As a seed waits for water to passage germination, so too has my heart been dormant as of late, in need of the deliverance that only a true teardrop can rekindle. Thank you.

Anonymous | Fri, 07/10/2009

 Hello. I'm Ivy from the

 Hello. I'm Ivy from the Philippines. I love your poem..... Can I use it for my video that we have to present in class? I'm studying broadcast communication and we are asked by our professor to collaborate with someone in the internet for this video. My topic is missing childhood. I think your poem is very lovely and very appropriate for my topic. thank you very much and I'm eager for your favorable response. 

Anonymous | Sun, 07/04/2010


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