Children of God

An Essay By marienicole // 10/31/2007

Everyone on earth belongs to the same institution. By our existence we are members. Like many organizations, there are different branches, titles and ranks within it. Special marks identify the people from each faction. The many colors, honorary titles, and sizes denote the sections.
Members of this group wear a rainbow of colors. Shades of red, brown, black, and yellow appear most commonly. Black hair and yellow skin tones identify the Asian peoples. Africans are recognized by their brown or black melanin. Fair, freckled skin with red hair is an Irish or Scottish trait. Italians often have olive colored skin, black eyes, and dark hair. Red skin is the mark of Native Americans. Blond hair and blue eyes are common in Scandinavian countries.
We are further divided by religion. India is mostly Hindu. Ireland is divided between the Protestants and Catholics. The Middle Eastern countries are Islamic, but divided into three tribes. America has people of every faith and many without any creed.
Our institution also has ranks. Wrinkles and silver hair are emblems of the highest status. The experience and wisdom of these members guides the others. Next are those who have reached their prime. Further down are the young people, often rebel against this organization, but, nevertheless, they are a part of it. The last group is the innocents, children, unharmed by the world and eager for knowledge.
We all share the same symbols linking us to each other. All of us have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. All of us have two arms and two legs. All of us are made in the image of God. And, most importantly, all of us have an eternal soul. All of us have the same Creator; therefore, we are all children of God.


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