The Ideal Husband Quiz

An Essay By Marlene E. Schuler // 4/8/2011

  You probably saw the title of this one and said, "What's she done this time?" But seriously, did you ever wonder which of the great heroes of your favorite period dramas would be perfect for you? W-e-l-l... here you go! 

  It might be important to say: 

  NO PEEKING! If you do peek, then a band of tea gnomes will come and beat the living daylights out of your goldfish.


1. Which of the following traits do you admire most in another?
a) Genuineness  
b) Sweetness
c) Loyalty
d) Honesty
e) Innocence
f) Awesomeness

2. Upon your first meeting, would you want your future husband to…
a) Win you over
b) Call you names
c) Ignore you
d) Propose to you
e) Treat you like a sister
f) Treat you like dirt

3. Which name would he call you?
a) Your given name
b) A vegetable
c) “Tolerable”
d) Never by your first name
e) Always by your first name
f) You’d rather not repeat it

4. A hardship you would most likely endure:
a) Separation
b) Almost losing him
c) Never seeing him again
d) An angry mob
e) Seeing him love another
f) Marrying him would be the most difficult hardship

5. You first realized that you loved him…
a) When you felt his absence most
b) After  several years
c) Only after he saved you from a terrible predicament
d) It came very gradually
e) From first sight!  
f) You never did love him… but he doesn’t care

6. What would you want him to give you?
a) Sheet music
b) A sweet necklace
c) Assistance when greatly needed
d) A single beautiful flower
e) A wasp’s nest
f) Nothing you’d want to accept

7. A favorite thing you like to do together is…
a) Waltzing in a superb manner
b) Taking long country walks
c) Discussing opinions
d) Going on train rides
e) Anything having to do with nature
f) Running… away from him!

8. Your courtship would be…
a) Mainly over letters
b) Long and tormenting
c) Almost none at all
d) Mostly on his part
e) Mostly on your part
f) Forceful, to the point

9. How would he propose to you?
a) He doesn’t; you propose to him
b) Several times
c) Insultingly and arrogant
d) First him, then you
e) In the rain
f) You don’t have a choice… you’ve been engaged from infancy

10. In his own words, what is his degree of love for you?
a) “You are my existence…”
b) “I love you… you know I do. I- I can’t tell you how much!”
c) “You have bewitched me, body and soul!”
d) “I love you!”
e) “Do I have a chance with you?”
f) “If I can’t have you, then no one can!”

11. How would his family look on your marriage?
a) Gladly, because it would be good for all
b) Happily
c) Angrily- it is not to be borne!
d) Only if it would mean happiness for him
e) Lovingly
f) With approval… but for the wrong reasons

12. How would your family look on your marriage?
a) Some of them approve, some of them don’t
b) Approval is given, but not always shown
c) Reluctantly for some, but for others only because he’s rich
d) Disappointedly
e) With great happiness
f) Full-heartedly… by all but you.

13. Your wedding would be…
a) Grand and beautiful
b) Quickly, because he’s going away
c) Double wedding with your sister and her husband!
d) Small, but happy
e) Somewhat larger, but simple
f) With all of his friends, but none of yours

14. Where would your honeymoon be?
a) It doesn’t matter
b) In a romantic way on a war-torn countryside
c) At the most beautiful places in England
d) To where you grew up
e) Africa!
f) Scotland- but he’s having all the fun

15. Where would you live?
a) A palace!
b) Your dream home
c) The grandest house imaginable
d) A simple abode
e) A far off, mysterious country
f) In a stinking, thatched hall

16. How many children would you have?
a) Nine
b) Six
c) How ever many there are, you would lavish attention on them
d) As many as possible
e) Two or three
f) Only boys would make your husband happy

17. How would you want your husband to dress?
a) Dapper, but not too showy
b) Like a country gentleman
c) Gentlemanly
d) Business-like
e) With good taste
f) Like a Goth

18. How would you want your husband’s hair?
a) With a dashing curl to one side
b) Natural, but not messy
c) Wavy, with a lock on the forehead
d) Combed back
e) Slightly tended
f) Three braids coming from the top of the head

19. How would his facial hair look?
a) A thin, well-treated mustache
b) None at all!
c) Thick sideburns
d) Nothing but thin sideburns
e) A fine growth of a beard
f) A tiny goatee right under the bottom lip


Mostly A’s:
Prince Albert
He is Prince Charming! Only he knows how to reach a part of you that no one else can see. He can hear you through the silence- in a word, Albert is your perfect prince.

Mostly B’s:
Gilbert Blythe
Even though he calls you carrots, no one else could have a heart so pure as Gilbert does. From your first meeting, he has loved you- and always will.

Mostly C’s:
Mr. Darcy
 Truly, can there be anyone quite so great as the peerless Mr. Darcy? He will do anything for you- save you from an uncertain future, and even restore your family’s good name.

Mostly D’s:
Mr. Thornton
Fierce and proud as he may seem at first, Mr. Thornton is honest and true. While he was once rough, he became calm and gentle by his love for you.

Mostly E’s:
Roger Hamley
Sweetness itself! Roger holds you in the highest respect and esteem. While he once professed love for another, it was always you that he loved!

Mostly F’s:
Carver Doone
Oh dear. Carver is the worst husband that anyone could possibly ever have. He is mean, proud, and only says he loves you because of your beauty and your money!




A's and C' tied


Micheala | Tue, 04/12/2011

Great Quiz

I laughed so hard once I finished this quiz because I tied for almost all of the letters! I got 3 A's, 3 B's, 4 C's, 4 D's, and 4 E's! So I tied for C, D, and E. Since Mr. Darcy is one of my favorite character's from a novel, I will just pick him as my furture husband type! (After he is no longer prideful and arrogant of course!) This was a fun quiz! Thanks for posting it!

Wings of Eternity

Wings of Eternity | Tue, 04/12/2011

"Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

LOL! that was fun!

That was great!

I got a mixture of Prince Albert and Mr. Darcy! LOL!

This was awesome! I had 5 A's 3 B's 5 C's 2 D's 3 E's and 1 F! That was really fun! Hahaha! I hope my future husband is like that! A lot!

1- D



4- D

5- A

6- C

7- A

8- C


10- C

11- B

12- E

13- A

14- A


16- C

17- C

18- B

19- F ( There was not just scruff around the face, so I chose the goatee, but only really tiny! LOL)

That was really good! How did you come up with such a creative quiz? So fun!

Write on!

Kassady | Thu, 04/14/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

This quiz is the result of a

This quiz is the result of a week-long sleepover with a friend who loves to laugh. We had just watched Cranford (both series) and Lorna Doone, so we wanted to do something silly! 
This is what came out of it! I'm writing a similar one called 'The Beau'.... and guess who's one the results? Sherlock Holmes! :)

Marlene E. Schuler | Fri, 04/15/2011

Visit yon blob of literary adventureness!


I got Roger Hamley. Enlighten me, who exactly is he? Anyway, here's my results:





















Please don't laugh at me, but I think i'd rather have Gilbert Blythe if not for the fact that he's married and has two kids. So someone Gilbert-ish, maybe. I was actually thinking of one of my male-friends when i was taking this quiz. Again, please don't laugh.

Arya Animarus | Mon, 04/18/2011

Oh for the times when I felt invincible.


You got ROGER? He's the hero from Wives and Daughters! Oh, he's the best... here's a picture of him:

Roger is an absoloute DUCK and he's the best. Besides Gilbert and Albert, of course. And I'm not laughing at all! 

Marlene E. Schuler | Mon, 04/18/2011

Visit yon blob of literary adventureness!

I got mostly e's, but I was

I got mostly e's, but I was pretty close on b's, because I answered with more than one letter on\ some. I overlap a lot. :)

Anna | Mon, 04/18/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


Mostly B's and so Gilbert Blythe did I score. Which made me laugh because I hated Gilbert when I first read the books, as did Anne and so I will probably do with my future husband!

Wonderful quiz, Marlene!

paperpoet | Thu, 04/21/2011

I got Roger Hamley!!! He is

I got Roger Hamley!!! He is probably my favorite male character out of a novel. :)

Damaris Ann | Thu, 11/13/2014

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.


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