Fiction By Matthew // 4/29/2007


I have always felt touched by nature, and now when I try to put it on paper it seems to come out muddy, and tinted. Only a smidgen, or a glance at the real and wonderful feelings and senses. As I came back from walking my neighbors dogs, a job I do, I suddenly felt the urge to run, to break free from the pressure of a coming storm. So I ran as fast as I could around our house once, and would have done so more times if my legs were in better shape. Then I sat upon an old swing and listened to the birds chipping cheerfully to each other, and felt the winds gentle caress. Standing up, I closed my eyes and leaned against the bark of the tree to which the swing was attached to and "felt" it. "Felt" the power and the strength and the majesty of it. Still, leaning on it, I felt the wind and the breeze blowing on me, rubbing me and almost as if it was trying to pick me up. I let myself go, and soared with the wind, imaged, and "felt" I was free of the ground, flying and floating. Finally, the wind died down and with one last soft stroke, it settled into a slight breeze. After opening my eyes, it took me a moment to remember where I was. Looking around, the world seemed brighter, more vivid, like I had a fuzzy view of it and just finish rubbing my eyes to clear them. I ran back inside and grabbed my Palm to write what I had just experienced. Going back to the tree and the swing, I wrote what I just related to you. When I was near completion, I listened, with both my ears and my feelings. I heard the birds chirping a little louder, the squirrels chattering a little faster, and then as I continued to listen, I heard some slight pattering behind me. Then it got a little louder and there was a little more of it. Just as I realized what the sound was, the rain came in a wave behind me. As it hit the roof of the house I started to run, and as I ran up the steps to the house, I saw them getting wet quickly with big drops. Luckily, I wasn't hit by one, and I ran into the house, and walked to the back porch to continue my writing. As I wrote, I listened to the waves of ran that came dropping over our house. After the clouds stopped crying, the sun came out to dry their tears and to shine it's light on the washed earth. The birds and squirrels and a few rabbits came out from hiding under trees and bushes to continue their work. God's creation is, was, and will be amazing forever.



Nicely done

Very good! I enjoyed this bit of writing. Nature is wonderful isn't it? You did a great job of sharing your delight in the wonderful outdoors! I loved your opening few sentences!

Raine | Tue, 09/04/2007


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