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Age: 25

Favorite word(s): Shall, actually, really, anyways.

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

♥WELL...Describing myself is difficult. I'm ADD and OCD, a straight A student(and if you didn't get that, it was a JOKE. I'm homeschooled.)...and, um....I like apples. YOU SEE?!?! I told you I was ADD. ANYWAYS, back to my bio....♥ I LOVE animals. I have four dogs, and eight cats. I love them all. They're my babies. I'm curious....sometimes a little to curious. I medal with everything. I'm reserved. Not quiet, but reserved. I like to know about you before I tell you about me. I seem very quiet at first, but that's only because I'm listening, analizing every word that comes out of your mouth to see if you are worthy of my presence. I am very trusting. Sometimes too trusting. I'll believe anything. It's simply my nature. I can't help it! I am NOT photogynic in any sense of the word--which is why I don't have a picture yet. I'm working on it. I am an iPod addict. I take it everywhere. My bestfriend is mentally ill. *cough*Emily*cough*. I am a Christian. I believe in the father, son, and holy ghost. My parents are wonderful. I love them. Bananas are my favorite fruit.


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