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12/28/2018 Wow... by Heather Jones Silence
12/28/2018 Love! by Heather Jones I Need Glasses
12/28/2018 Whoa! by Heather Jones Who Am I
12/29/2018 Beautiful! by Joy J. REMOVED - Starcrossed
12/29/2018 Wow! I had never... by Joy J. Who Am I
12/29/2018 Thank you!! by Heather Jones REMOVED - Starcrossed
12/30/2018 Liana, I just want... by Libby Silence
12/30/2018 Yay!!!!!! I'm... by Libby Better Plans Part 10
12/30/2018 I'm glad you... by Grace J. Better Plans Part 10
12/31/2018 Ugh, this is so... by Damaris Ann Proud As a Peacock
12/31/2018 :) by Damaris Ann Conch
12/31/2018 This hit me right... by Damaris Ann REMOVED - Starcrossed
01/01/2019 This was really... by Grace J. Proud As a Peacock
01/01/2019 <33 by Heather Jones REMOVED - Starcrossed
01/03/2019 Exactly! by SURPRISINGPERSON Who Am I
01/03/2019 (-_-) this is a... by SURPRISINGPERSON Silence
01/03/2019 <3 by SURPRISINGPERSON The Prince Who Went Searching for True Love- Chapters 5 & 6
01/03/2019 Ohhhh!! by Heather Jones Whispers in the Wind
01/03/2019 <333 by Heather Jones Proud As a Peacock
01/03/2019 ... by Heather Jones Conch
01/03/2019 Thank you!! by Damaris Ann Whispers in the Wind
01/04/2019 I love this,... by Libby REMOVED - The Prayer of a Bird
01/04/2019 Ugh ugh ugh this is... by Damaris Ann REMOVED - The Prayer of a Bird
01/05/2019 ajshhdjaoshdns by Heather Jones REMOVED - The Prayer of a Bird
01/05/2019 Thank you all so... by Libby Not My Will, Oh Lord, But Thine
01/06/2019 <3 by Damaris Ann anger
01/06/2019 I really like this... by Grace J. REMOVED - The Prayer of a Bird
01/06/2019 I can so relate to... by Grace J. anger
01/07/2019 Romans 5:5 by Joy J. anger
01/07/2019 <333 by Heather Jones anger
01/08/2019 Ooh! by Damaris Ann The Painting
01/08/2019 <3 by Heather Jones The Painting
01/08/2019 Hmm.... by Grace J. The Painting
01/09/2019 :) by Joy J. The Painting
01/11/2019 You guys are great... by Libby The Painting
01/11/2019 Maddie, this is so... by Libby Out With the Old
01/11/2019 :):):D:D!!! Grace,... by Libby Better Plans Part 11
01/11/2019 Lovely job, Grace... by Libby Better Plans Epilogue
01/11/2019 Oh my goodness how... by Madalyn Clare First Frost
01/11/2019 Thank you, Libby!... by Madalyn Clare Out With the Old
01/11/2019 This is so... by Grace J. First Frost
01/11/2019 <3 by Heather Jones Out With the Old
01/11/2019 *heaves a huge sigh* by Heather Jones First Frost
01/11/2019 Wow... by Heather Jones God in Flesh
01/12/2019 Whoa Heather! So... by Joy J. REMOVED - The Question
01/12/2019 Oh Libby, you wrote... by Joy J. First Frost
01/13/2019 You rocked those 53... by Brighid Out With the Old
01/13/2019 This was so... by Brighid The Painting
01/14/2019 <333 by Heather Jones REMOVED - The Question
01/15/2019 Aw, thank you :)... by Libby The Painting


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