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08/03/2009 James... by Tori A Progressive Story: Parts Six Through Ten
09/12/2009 thanks... by Tori I Have Learned To Do It.
09/23/2009 aack!!! by Tori An Argument Against Government Education
09/28/2009 great job! by Tori A Real College Essay
10/02/2009 heyyyy... by Tori Earth Searcher-Chapter Four
10/02/2009 yeah! by Tori The Homeschool Family
10/02/2009 yes.... by Tori Earth Searcher-Chapter Four
10/02/2009 well... by Tori Earth Searcher-Chapter Four
10/03/2009 sorry by Tori This Cat
10/04/2009 good essay! by Tori Truth: It's Knowable
10/19/2009 ooh! by Tori Twenty-three Minutes
10/19/2009 sorry by Tori A Progressive Story: Parts Six Through Ten
11/04/2009 cool! by Tori The Gremlins!
11/04/2009 a wonderful poem.... by Tori Battle Music
11/04/2009 I really liked it.... by Tori Fableweaver; Chapter 1
11/12/2009 really good... by Tori Please, save me.
12/07/2010 Very Nice! by Tristan Cody Ghosts of Who I Used to Be
05/01/2010 Thank you! by Tristan Cody Redemption.
07/10/2010 No need to write... by Tristan Cody Redemption.
06/20/2007 your deffinantly... by Velocity My Father
06/20/2007 Hi. by Velocity A Father's Day Surprise
06/20/2007 Nice, by Velocity The life of a deer
06/25/2007 NICE! by Velocity Doctor Suess Wannabe
07/12/2007 YAH! by Velocity You know you are homeschooled (or unschooled) when....
03/11/2008 ... by Velocity Lonely
03/12/2008 .. by Velocity I Love You
01/27/2009 uhu by Velocity Child Of Darkness
03/11/2008 ... by Velocity Lonely
10/10/2007 Hi -- by Velocity there again
10/10/2007 GOOD JOB! by Velocity into the day
10/10/2007 Oh... by Velocity new
10/12/2007 cool! by Velocity there again
10/19/2007 :) Nice... by Velocity I Do
10/19/2007 awhh :( by Velocity Different Now
11/03/2007 ?? :) by Velocity Falling Under
11/12/2007 Cool. by Velocity To Soar
11/26/2007 hm... by Velocity WHAT!!!
11/26/2007 =) by Velocity LOVE
11/27/2007 ... by Velocity Area 51
11/27/2007 =) by Velocity LOVE
11/27/2007 ya your monkeys cute by Velocity The Soldier
11/29/2007 good by Velocity Area 51
12/01/2007 hmmmm.... yes but... by Velocity Life without taste
12/02/2007 ... by Velocity child rights
12/07/2007 GOOD JOB! by Velocity Light my life
12/07/2007 =) by Velocity Beautiful
12/07/2007 Good job by Velocity Holy Night
12/07/2007 ... by Velocity A song called= It won't be Christmas without you. Deticated to the Soldiers in Iraq on the holidays.
12/07/2007 Lol ... I mean... by Velocity Doctor Suess Wannabe
12/07/2007 LoL yah yr right! I... by Velocity Life without taste


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