travel of the young

An Essay By Nick // 12/18/2007

as i sit here and think about what i want to be, i consider what and where i have been."Whoa." i say as i give a low wistle as i think about it. what is it you say? well...
i have been to the pacific and felt its froth. i have veiwed the atlantic from a parasail. i have smelt the sulfur of gyzers and wondered at the battle of Custerd as i gazed over the feild. i have driven quads and dirtbikes over the rich soil of michigan and felt the dense air of oregan. i have passed over the missisipi countless times. i have seen the eagle fly to catch its prey over the grand canyon. i have looked across the meteor crator and kyaked into the trees of the keys of florida. i have wondered at the beauty and power at Niagra falls in canada. and my most favorite of all, i have sat and learned to listen to the quietness of the trees of redwood forest, as i sat my hand on its bark and rested in its grand roots.
all that you say? in thirteen years?
no. come april, i will have been traveling with my fammily for seven years.
and i wouldnt, change it for the world.


do you like, travel all over

do you like, travel all over the world or something??

Sarah | Thu, 12/20/2007

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

yeah kinda

kinda, my dad travles all over the south eastern seaboard of america, but we hav family in nevada, oregan michigan oklahoma and florida, and we cant just not se them. plus, the month we saw this stuf (yes i did do it in one month, wether or not you think i am crazy :P) my sister left for iraq a week later. we wanted to have on last fammily trip for waz realy fun.

Anonymous | Thu, 12/20/2007