You Might Be An Unschooler

An Essay By Nikki // 8/16/2005

You might be a unschooler if...

• you’ve ever waved tauntingly at a school bus
• you know who John Holt is
• your idea of a science lesson is to quiz your vet about equine parasites
• you didn’t start driving until 17
• you still haven’t been on a date
• you think the dictionary is pleasurable reading
• you like to take the trail less traveled
• your friends are in the 1-100 age range
• you’ve ever written a book report just for the fun of it
• you just can’t see the appeal in the prom
• you figure out what you love best and immerse yourself in it
• you just don’t have time for formal schooling
• you actually enjoy spending time with your family
• you think test scores are overrated
• you consider Home Ed Magazine to be one of your favorite periodicals
• you know that no matter where you want to go in life, you will find a way to get there

Many thanks to Claire, Mike, Jennifer, Aisling, and anyone else I've disgracefully forgotten, for inspiring me to write my own list!


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