On the Mountaintop

A Poem By Raine // 11/16/2006

Standing here above the fields
Watching, listening and feeling.
Peace surrounds this place
Silence lends itself to reflection.

Untainted by human hands
Free of industry, noise and strife
The mountain stands
Serene, aloof and strong.

The wind in my hair,
The quiet bird songs,
The firm earth beneath
A testament to God.

On this mountaintop
I see His power
I feel His love.
This peace and beauty

All placed here for me.
A place to ponder, rest,
Reflect. A glorious haven
From the world's storms.

A place and time to collect my thoughts
To pray to heaven and thank Him
For these wonderful creations
...the breath in my body...

This mountain, this haven...
A moment of peace
A memory of love forgotten...
A glimpse of Eternity.


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