Skeletons of Summer

A Poem By Raine // 10/27/2006

Branches waving, leaves torn down.
Stretching gnarled limbs to the moon,
Pleadingly, desperately.

Twisted black shapes,
Stark against the autumn sky.
Standing lonely.

Bending in the harsh wind,
Branches flailing,
Creaking and crying.

Birds cling to the forsaken figures,
Seeking refuge in the entwined limbs.
Sighing, hoping.

Skeletons of Summer, clustered together
Bleak branches outstretched
In forlorn begging.

Empty limbs shudder in the cold air,
Leaves swirling around roots
As Winter blows in the snow.

Glistening ice drips from
Snow laden branches.
Waiting, mournfully,

The Skeletons of Summer stand,
Waiting for Spring's fresh kiss
And Summer's welcome embrace.


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