A Poem By Raine // 2/20/2006

Wandering Am I.
Gazing at the sky above I See. . .
In solitude the stars lie,
Midst ribbons of dancing light.

Why do they shine?
What is their purpose?
Perhaps they shine for me,
As I walk by night.
Perhaps they shine for Heaven,
And all who dwell within.
Perhaps they shine for beauty,
To comfort men on earth.

Pondering Am I.
Listening to the winds sigh I Hear. . .
Singing, the birds as they fly,
Soaring and dancing to their song.

Why do they sing?
What is their purpose?
Perhaps they sing for joy,
In the glory of freedom.
Perhaps they sing of love,
Calling all to heed it.
Perhaps they sing for the sky,
Alone, so high and blue.

Dreaming Am I.
Feeling the rain on my face I Feel. . .
Water moving slowly by,
Carrying stories in its current.

Why does it flow?
What is its purpose?
Perhaps it flows for all
Giving life to the traveler.
Perhaps it flows for time,
A chronicle of life.
Perhaps it flows for earth,
A nourishing friend.

Wishing Am I.
Breathing in the still air I smell. . .
Blossoms hang upon a tree,
Cheerily giving joy to passersby.

Why do the grow?
What is their purpose?
Perhaps they grow for me,
A cozy heartfelt gift.
Perhaps they grow to smile,
Smile at the world as it goes.
Perhaps they grow for earth,
A lovely companion.

I wonder as I walk. . .
I hear music in the stars,
I see beauty in the earth,
I see love in the rivers.
I see so much, and I ponder.
Why are they here?
What is our purpose?
Perhaps they are here
To bring beauty to a dark world.
Perhaps our purpose
Is to love one another.
Perhaps we are not Here at all.
But then I look at the flowers, the trees.
I hear the wind through the leaves.
I feel the rain from the sky.
I KNOW the beauty.
And I know why we are here.
I realize our purpose,
And why they are here.
They are here to remind us of Christ.
They are here to gladden our hearts.

Our purpose, our goal,
Is to return to Christ, our brother.
To live well, and love always.

Wandering Am I,
Yet no longer searching.
I have found the truth
I found my Father,
I know my home.
Dreaming Am I
Of my home, above the stars.


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