Who Am I?

A Poem By Raine // 1/24/2008

Who am I?
I fly through time and space,
Adrift in a sea of stars.
Spinning, floating, falling.
Silence is all around me,
Pressing on my ears.
Infinity stretches on.
I am lost in a maze of stars.
I have lost all sense of myself.
Who am ?
A speck of light, drifting through space.
I am nothing.
Surrounded by this beauty,
This size, this wonder. . .
I am nothing.


Good job!!!

That a great one Raine. By the way your name is beautiful!


Emily | Thu, 01/24/2008


I love it!

Hannah | Sat, 01/26/2008


That's excelllent!

Megan | Sun, 01/27/2008


Thanks so much everyone! I

Thanks so much everyone! I like my name too. :D

Raine | Mon, 03/09/2009


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